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USA, UK, Canada, Belgium
Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Philipp Stölzl
David Bark-Jones as Marty Braemer
Sebastien Soudais as Hooded Figure
Nick Alachiotis as Walter Smet
Debbie Wong as Mei Ling
Sasha Lipskaia as Kohler's Personal Assistant (as Alexandra Lipskaia)
Ronnie Commissaris as Karl Van Doorn
Yassine Fadel as Nabil
Gerardo Lo Dico as Belgian Gendarme
Eric Godon as Maitland
Garrick Hagon as James Halgate III
Carlo Mestroni as Field Officer
Ron White as Dick Rhodes
Neil Napier as Derek Kohler
Simone-Elise Girard as Halgate's Receptionist
Kate Linder as Principal Gibbins
Katelijne Verbeke as Sophie Pieters
Storyline: An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are forced on the run when his employers erase all records of his existence, and mark them both for termination as part of a wide-reaching international conspiracy.
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solid action thriller
I am a big fan of this genre, a genre that has been almost soaked of its originality, like most thriller i have watched, it didn't surpass the Bourne series but it was a series of clichés that was more comforting than worrying, Aaron Eckhart gives a very good performance as the lead character Ben Logan.

Liana Liberato gives a genuinely good performance as Eckharts estranged daughter Amy, who has been persuaded by Logan to leave her grandfathers custody in America in order to move to Belgium, to be with him.

The film starts off quite slow, but when the credits ran i was very happy with what i had witnessed, a good addition to the thriller genre.
Promising Beginning, Stupid and Annoying Daughter and Flawed Conclusion
The expatriate and widower Ben Logan (Aaron Eckhart) has moved from New York to Anrwep with his estranged teenage daughter Amy Logan (Liana Liberato) to work for the technology corporation Halgate Group. When he breaks a sophisticated security code from a device, he notes that its patent has no record in Halgate and he calls the attention of his boss Derek Kohler (Neil Napier). Ben meets Amy and they do not go home; later Ben goes with Amy to his office and they find it completely empty. Further, all the records of his phone calls, e-mails, payslip and bank account have vanished. Out of the blue, a coworker abducts Ben and Amy in the bank but Ben kills him in self-defense. Ben finds a key from a locker in the Central Station and he finds photos of his daughter, himself and his coworkers. His further investigation shows that all the workers are dead in the morgue except Derek Kohler. Soon Ben discovers a huge conspiracy of Halgate Group relative to illegal arms sales to Africa with the involvement of rogue CIA agents. But Ben is in disgrace with the Agency and does not have any reliable contact to recur.

The unoriginal "Erased", a.k.a."The Expatriate", is an action thriller with a promising and intriguing beginning. Unfortunately the stupid and annoying daughter Amy with her silly attitudes makes any viewer lose the temper. The story has many flaws and holes, but the plot is fast-paced and distracts the viewer that is not aware. For example, the killers kill a lot of residents in Belgium; Ben blows-up the car with important guys; the police is chasing Ben and Amy; and he arrives at the airport dirty and ready to embark to the USA and probably without documents. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Perseguição Implacável" ("Relentless Manhunt")
Unexpectedly Excellent!
The Expatriate deserves 9 out of 10 in my opinion. I reluctantly started to watch the film. The first 5 to 10 minutes went by not knowing what to expect. Aaron Eckhart in the lead role. Aaron Eckhart in the Executive Producer list as well. Again, I was not sure where this was going. Soon the story came together. I really started to enjoy this. I think the budget is well spent and well planned. The story digresses only enough to make you connect with the characters better. This is very clever. I realised all this at the end of the film. I guess they should even make a sequel. I guess this kind of subject matter; namely, espionage, money yada yada, have endless story possibilities for countless number of movies to come.. The pace of this movie is just right. The coherence, story line all connect well keeping you focused on the film. Fantastic entertainment.
Direct-to-video stuff
I just realized that direct-to-video no longer means much nowadays, but well it used to mean a movie made on the cheap. Actually Erased, aka The Expatriate is pretty well-made technically: camera work, editing and Aaron Eckart are pretty fine. But both titles sound like a cheap movie and the script is cheap indeed. It is all about a boilerplate conspiracy chase with action every other reel and bits of exposition in between. So instead of feeling fast-paced it feels shaky, all the more so as the conspiracy is lame and the daughter character is very weak.
enjoyable if routine action film
Great European locations are a highlight of this 2012 film, Erased, starring Aaron Eckhart. The film is also known as Ex-Patriate.

Eckhart plays an ex-CIA operative, Ben Logan, working for a European company. His wife is deceased, and he's there with his daughter (Liana Liberato), a typical teenager whose sullen behavior can be attributed to just losing her mother and being uprooted from her home.

Ben is supposed to test security systems made by the company for whom he works, but returning to the office one night, he finds that the entire company has disappeared, including the employees and his entire identity along with them. He soon finds out he's going to be terminated -- and by terminated, like in the ground terminated, so he and his daughter take off. He's determined to find out what's going on.

Shades of the Bourne saga, not as good, but still suspenseful with lots of action. I really like Aaron Eckhart and would love to see him in another leading role. He's very likable and attractive.

Entertaining without being sensational
Good Story, Thriller
Ex-CIA agent, Ben Logan's (Aaron Eckhart) current employer doesn't exist anymore and has erased all of his records and has a hit out for him and his estranged daughter Amy (Liana Liberato). They have no clue why this is happening to them, but they must dodge bullets until they find the answers.

Aaron Eckhart an action hero? Who knew? While Eckhart doesn't demonstrate the fighting skills of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne or a Liam Neeson character of the same ilk, he does okay. We bought it. Hey, he wins his one on one when the time comes and isn't that what counts? We were more concerned about his relationship with his daughter and why were all these people trying to kill them both?

How it starts: We are in Belgium and Ben and Amy go to his work place to pick up something. They find all offices empty like no one had ever been there. Doing more checking he cannot find one piece of evidence that he worked for the company. Enter bullets in their direction. Now, they are on the run. Yes, it's not the best way to bond, but it's all they have right now.

Am dying to tell you why the offices were empty and why all of Ben's records were erased. Just can't do it. But, when you find out you will have to admit it was pretty clever of the company. I found some confusion within the story about a Patent the company didn't own, but were using to secure their own security and a shipment of arms (the ship sank) to an African country in exchange for the mining of Lithium in that country. Sounds boring so let's not go there.

You will be more concerned about Ben protecting his estranged daughter and her coming around to his side.

This is a very good story and Eckhart as Ben sells his part perfectly. Liana Liberto did very good as a daughter not knowing whether or not to trust her own father. And, we enjoy Ben doing all he can to protect them both and still find the answers to everything and we, in the audience, just don't understand why Amy can't see that? See, you need to know why she is so estranged. Ah, one of her outbursts will reveal all. And, keep in mind: the bullets are still coming.

So you are asking why he doesn't go to the CIA and get their help? Was afraid you would ask that. Well, there are problems there too and Ben isn't sure he can trust anyone there as he didn't leave them on good terms, let's say. But, they do come around and try to get what they need. Isn't that always the way: being so selfish.

As Ben protects Amy, we are reminded of characters Clive Owen, Mel Gibson, and Liam Neeson played doing the same thing. We like this kind of show: a little spy work thrown in with protecting family. Nothing better than that. (7/10)

Violence; Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Language: No.
If You Hate America You'll Love Erased
Welcome to another plot where the CIA and America are evil, Europe looks cool, and illegal aliens (Muslims in this case) are innocent heroes. I only watched because I like Aaron Eckhart. He has way more charisma than Damon in the similar Bourne films.

I consider myself reasonably bright, but I did not understand the comic book-like plot, so I can't explain it to you. Sorry. There are a few feeble attempts at character development through brief conversations between father and daughter, but not nearly enough. Eckhart looks great in this one. He is slim and chiseled.

Consequently, the chemistry between him and the daughter was sometimes a bit creepy, because he looks pretty young, but is supposed to be her dad. They are not supposed to know each other well, due to divorce, but I wasn't buying the father-daughter vibe, even allowing for that fact.

The "Olga" actress was wooden to the extreme. I'm not blaming her. Perhaps that's what the plot called for, but you couldn't see any trace of what the Eckhart character may have seen in her years ago. (They were supposedly fellow idealists some years ago.)She was a comic book character too, walking around sporting a bad ass facial expression, and showing no signs of humanity.

Most of the villains were like that too. They did everything short of playing with a curly moustache while laughing insanely. I'm sure there are plenty of cold hearted evil assassins and amoral players, but most people are more complex than meets the eye. I don't like one dimensional villains.

There's a bit too much violence for me, although much less than many similar films, like Taken. Like other reviewers have mentioned, for non-Europeans, the star was Belgium. It looked interesting, although finally someone portrayed Europe correctly by showing the huge Muslim immigrant population. You won't see that in a Woody Allen or Julia Roberts movie set in Europe.

If you're bored, go for it. There's enough action, suspense, and scenery to keep you mildly interested. Eckhart speaks in hushed tones through the entire picture, even when in private. That's a bit weird, but I guess it conveys the secretive nature of his profession and his situation.
Good Writing, Good Directing, Good Acting
An intelligent, suspenseful thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I can usually tell if a movie is going to be promising within a few scenes of the characters dialogue. Immediately into the beginning of this film I felt promise that it was going to be good. This promise lasted all the way through to the end credits.

The films fluid writing, directing and acting kept me engaged throughout the entire feature without leaving me feeling I was watching a movie production. I was fully submerged in the suspenseful storyline.

I'd highly recommend this gripping thriller to anyone. The writing of this film set the bar a little bit higher for me and though I'm not one to watch a movie twice I may decide to return to it someday.
Pretty exciting entertainment, with just a bit too much killing.
I am a fan of the great older action movies, where a great story and script trump all else. And, in the best of those you never actually see anyone getting shot and killed. Modern action movies like this one rely too much on graphic violence, it is a way to disguise a weak script.

That being said, my wife and I found the movie interesting and entertaining. Who would have thought Aaron Eckhart could play an action hero? He is in the mold of Liam Neeson in "Taken". Here he plays Ben Logan who is a former CIA special ops guy, hired to do a job in Belgium. It is represented as an arm of a well-known company.

We never find out what happened to his wife, but she apparently is deceased. So he is in Belgium with his teenage daughter, Galveston native Liana Liberato as Amy Logan. She apparently was actually 16 or 17 during filming, and is very good in the role.

The title of this movie "Erased" derives from Ben showing up at work one day only to find everyone gone and the building empty. Then when he tries to contact people, no one in the actual company headquarters knows any of them. Further, it seems that the most recent years of Ben's life have been erased, it is as if he doesn't exist.

All this is set up to facilitate the theft of some hidden documents that would incriminate a wealthy and powerful man and his company. Ben has to use his cunning and skills to avoid getting killed, as he sees all others around him being assassinated.

WRAP-UP, SPOILERS: As the bad guys close in on him Ben's daughter gets taken. He borrows a kitchen of friends in Belgium and makes some type of plastic explosive, and rigs a briefcase so that it sparks and explodes only when opened all the way. The explosive is under a false bottom, and the sought-after papers are on top. At the climax he gives the briefcase to the chief bad guy who cracks it open only to verify the contents, then gets in a car. Fortunately all the other bad guys and the assassin are at the car when he opens the briefcase all the way, a massive explosion destroys them and their vehicle, and Ben and Amy separately work their ways to the airport, are reunited and ready to fly home, all the bad guys dead.
Watch "TAKEN" instead
Watch "Taken" or "Taken 2" instead. "The Expatriate" is just trying to cash in on the same genre (and the EXACT same plot). But it doesn't do a very good job. Hackneyed and clichéd. Constant scenery-chewing by Olga. Not even worth seeing to complete your knowledge of the genre. This disappointment adds nothing new. I want my one hundred minutes back. I had expected Aaron Eckhart to make a better career choice. The only interesting characters were (1) the dark-featured, sweaty Neil Napier, and his character got killed, and (2) Nick Alachiotis, playing another interesting bad guy, with but five minutes of screen time. Everything else bland and tame including the script. This supposedly cost 16 million dollars to make. Way below average.
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