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USA, UK, France, Netherlands
Drama, Thriller, Action, History, War
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Christopher Nolan
Constantin Balsan as French Soldier 3
Michel Biel as French Soldier 2
Damien Bonnard as French Soldier
Luke Thompson as Warrant Officer
Lee Armstrong as Grenadier
Jack Lowden as Collins
James Bloor as Irate Soldier
Billy Howle as Petty Officer
Barry Keoghan as George
Aneurin Barnard as Gibson
Tom Hardy as Farrier
Mark Rylance as Mr. Dawson
Storyline: Evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26- June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II.
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Not really a movie about Dunkirk
******* this review may contain spoilers *************** If you are like me, a WWII history buff, and excited to see a new movie about the battle of Dunkirk, you will be totally disappointed.

It feels like a low budget movie, you don't see any German soldiers for the whole movie. What?? how do you have a war movie where hundreds of thousands people fought and you don't show what's going on the other side?

It would have been better named as 'some side stories during the battle of Dunkirk', because that's what it is. The title is misleading, it's called Dunkirk so people would see it.

There is this endless air battle between couple of airplanes that's like half the movie, totally unnecessary. Nobody need that much detail about a fight between couple of fighter planes.

The other half the movie is about a little fishing ship going to Dunkirk to carry some troops back, I don't really care about that either.

I feel like I wasted my $12.
A wasted opportunity
We had been waiting with anticipation to see this film. It had received mixed reviews but we kept open minds. I'm afraid the bad reviews are correct, the film is wasted opportunities. There is a far better Dunkirk made in 1958 starring John Mills and Richard Attenborough which stands head and shoulders above this latest attempt. Or the BBC 2004 TV film starring Timothy Dalton and Benjamin Cumberbatch which explains how the rescue was planned and implemented. Both had more realism and drama and made you understand the incredible feat that Dunkirk was.

The Dunkirk story is as much about the little ships but little was made of these, they just started across the channel with much of the film taken up by one of them. There should have been nearly 2000 vessels of all sizes involved in the rescue but all we saw were a handful at best. Similarly the RAF flew nearly 5000 missions over Dunkirk, not the three or four planes shown. The weather in 1940 was also inclement over France for nearly a week which prevented the Luftwaffe from taking off. The film shows a beautiful blue sky.

On the French beaches, there wasn't enough actors or CGI to make it look like hundreds of thousands of men waiting for rescue, more like a couple of hundred at best. The French soldiers were indicated by half a dozen actors and there was no Indian or other Colonial troops represented, just queues of caucasians. Meanwhile Branagh stands woodenly, gurning at something for most of the film. Rylance might as well have been the BFG as there was no difference in his acting.

The worst part was Tom Hardy as a Spitfire pilot (probably more accurate to have given him a Hurricane which out numbered Spitfires and were tasked with attacking bombers). The end of his role was just unbelievably silly. As was scenes of downed aircraft floating as if they were made of wood and polystyrene.

I would like to see a Peter Jackson version of Dunkirk. Nolan's 2017 attempt is a weak script and weak directing, both of which are his responsibility.
Nothing what you expect seeing the trailer
The movie is so slow. Watching the trailer you would expect action scenes in the movie but there is almost none. Its all one side is attaching and the other is defending. You almost feel in the beginning the director is setting up the movie nice for some nice action to follow but midway through the movie you realize that nothing has happened and apparently nothing is going to happen. The movie never picks up. It just fails.
Over hyped by those who have no real comprehension of what this film is about
I only write a review when a movie is being badly over hyped. Very, very few people alive can actually remember Dunkirk. It is a certainty that those who have written the glowing reviews are neither historians nor veterans, and have no concept of the reality of this World War 2 chapter. This film in no way reveals the true scale or horror of the evacuation of the British Army from France.

Perhaps all these generous 9 and 10 star reviewers feel that Christopher Nolan gave them a first hand education and true taste of war. He did not. The film is grossly inaccurate n both the detail and the representation.

I won't repeat all that other critical reviewers have written - please read some to get a balanced view. However there were some 350,000 troops and some 800 boats. Not the small numbers depicted here. Similarly, it was not fought by 5 German planes and 3 British Spitfires.

This was pure Hollywood indulgence for Nolan. Spitfires that glide without fuel forever. No blood. No groans. No cold. No shivering - not even in a cold, waterlogged uniform. Poor continuity. A debatable soundtrack. A woefully poor use of acting talent and lack of meaningful script.

A film does not always have to be truthful or realistic to be a good film. This film might have provided entertainment for some, but for those who suffered and died in Dunkirk or those who wanted to see the truth, this film is a true let down.

There were also a lot of cheap short cuts used in making this film but, if a film about Ryan Gosling dancing and playing the piano can steal Oscars, this certainly will.

I gave it 1 star to help bring down the average but would otherwise have given it 5.
Over-hyped and terribly loud and annoying soundtrack
I don't write reviews very often but feel compelled to do so on this occasion.

I was really looking forward to seeing this film after all the rave reviews. But to say I am disappointed is an understatement.

This has to be one of the most over-hyped films of recent times, with little storyline, depth and narrow focus of such a significant event in WW2.

In addition, the soundtrack in the film has this constant VERY LOUD screeching music and effects that frankly just got on my nerves, totally spoiling the little enjoyment I would otherwise have got.

Save your money and avoid.
Did I see a different movie than everyone else that has raved about how good it is?
I was very disappointed with this movie. I have liked previous Nolan movies but this one left me feeling cheated that I had spent that much money to see it. It was boring and unrealistic.One scene had a ship getting hit with a bomb and immediately rolling on it's side then remaining afloat.At the end a plane runs out of fuel and seemingly defies the laws of physics by gliding forever and ever shooting down a plane before landing on the beach. They kept showing shots of the beach with lines of soldiers that nowhere approximated over 400,000 soldiers. Same with the amount of ships and boats and planes. The hype of this being one of the best war movies ever had me expecting something special. Instead it had me sitting there wondering when the fantastic movie was going to start. I waited in vain. Instead I left the show with a headache from the noise bombardment from the soundtrack.My biggest sense of wonder was that they had spent that much money making it. I wanted to like this movie but it never happened for me.
One of the most dishonestly over-rated films of all time. 1 of 10.
Yes, awful. How can anyone honestly give this film a positive recommendation? It is so amateurish. Whoever wrote the screenplay forgot the story. What story is it! It's not about Dunkirk, the famous WWII evacuation of British troops from France. What about the French troops? The British commander says to hell with them. Two cowards are the focus of the story. They will do anything to get out ahead of everyone else who are patiently waiting, keeping order, and waiting their turn. One other is picked up by a civilian boat on its way to rescue troops at Dunkirk, and he fights the crew to not go back. He kills one of them. Great story? I figure they used 5 planes to make the entire film: three RAF fighters, one German fighter, and one German bomber, all classic planes. Why I say this is b/c they only show three RAF fighters in one scene, and then it's always a one-on-one with all the other scenes. The special effects are from the 1950's. I think they did a better job in Wings, 1927. Also, it's hard to figure out what they are saying. I missed half the dialogue, but I didn't miss much b/c it's so worthless a film. It's aimless, boring, pathetic, and cheap. There is nothing epic about this film. It's a sad joke. What a waste of my money. It's one of the most over-rated films of all time.
A war vehicle running low on fuel
The words "Christopher Nolan" and "disappointment" are not words I would naturally associate… but for me, they apply where "Dunkirk" is concerned.

It promised so much from the trailer: a historical event of epic proportions; Kenneth Branagh; Tom Hardy; Mark Rylance; Hans Zimmer on the keys; the director of such classics as "The Dark Knight"; "Inception" and "Interstellar" : what could go wrong?

But it just doesn't work and I've spent the last 24 hours trying to unpick why.

A key problem for me was the depiction of the beach itself. The film eschews CGI effects (which I would normally commend) in favour of the use of "practical effects" and the involvement of "thousands of extras" (as the rather glutinously positive Wiki entry declares). Unfortunately for the movie, there were some 400,000 troops marooned in this last patch of civilisation ahead of the Nazi hoard, and all of the shots refuse to acknowledge this scale of potential human tragedy. Yes, there are individual scenes of horror, such as the soldier walking into the sea against the impassive stares of the young heroes. But nothing of scale. At times I thought I'd seen more people on the beach on a winter's day in Bournemouth.

My disquiet at this deepened when we got to the sharp end of the rescue by the "small boats". In my mind (and I'm NOT quite old enough to remember this!) I imagine a sea full of them. A sight to truly merit Branagh's awed gaze. But no. They might have been "original" vessels…. but there was only about half a dozen of them. A mental vision dashed.

The film attempts to tell the story from three perspectives: from the land; from the sea and from the air. The sea though gets the lion's share of the film, and there is much drowning that occurs that (I am aware) was distressing for some in the audience.

Nolan also pushes his quirky "timeline" manipulation too far for an audience that largely expects a linear telling of a classic tale. It's day; it's night; the minesweeper's sailing; then sunk; then sailing again; a Spitfire crashes, then crashes again from a different perspective. I know many in the audience just didn't 'get' that: leaving them presumably very confused!

That being said, the film is not a write off, and has its moments of brilliance. Kenneth Branagh ("Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit", "Valkyrie"), although having a range of Nolan's cheesy lines to say, is impressive as the commanding officer. Mark Rylance ("Bridge of Spies", "The BFG") also shines as the captain of the "Moonstone": one of the small boats out of Weymouth. And Tom Hardy ("The Revenant", "Legend"), although having limited opportunity to act with anything other than his eyes, is impressive as RAF pilot Farrier. His final scene of stoic heroism is memorable.

Fionn Whitehead is also impressive in his movie debut, and even Harry Styles ("This is Us") equips himself well.

The cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema ("Interstellar") is stunning with some memorable shots: a burning plane on a beach being a high spot for me.

And Hans Zimmer's score is Oscar-worthy, generating enormous tension with a reverberating score, albeit sometimes let down by unsuitable cutaways (for example, to scenes of boat loading). Elsewhere in the sound department though I had major issues, with a decent percentage of the dialogue being completely inaudible in the sound mix.

I really wanted this to be a "Battle of Britain". Or a "Bridge Too Far". Or even a "Saving Private Ryan". Unfortunately, for me it was none of these, and this goes down as one of my movie disappointments of the year so far.

(For the full graphical review, please visit bob-the-movie-man.com. Thanks.)
In 2017, over 330.000 film viewers were stuck in a cinema, surrounded by boredom, can they be rescued?
It's hard to understand critic ratings of 10/10 while this movie undeniably lacks quality on some very important aspects. Let me start off with some positive notes:

- IMAX: The impact of the bullets and bombs felt as if you were really there. The entire movie is shot in a very realistic way.

- Opening scene: The suspense, music and cinematography all came together very well in the opening scene, which really made me excited for the scenes to come.

- Acting: Poor acting can easily distract the audience from their experience of being in a certain time/place. But there was not a single moment in which an actor did something out of character. All expressions were very believable. Great acting!

But there were some major aspects I had issues with:

- Characters: The characters did not have any background story and there's hardly any dialogue to give some insight. The main characters are therefore replaceable for any other random soldier on that beach. I do not expect an elaborate introduction of every character, certainly not in a historical war movie, but the downside is that the audience cannot empathize with the main characters. I really didn't care for one of them to die. I've seen hundreds of soldiers die in earlier scenes of the movie, why would one or two more (just as hollow and unknown as any other soldier) bother me a bit? It's no must to focus on character development, as long as the other aspects of the movie make up for the lack of it. In Dunkirk that sadly was not the case.

- Editing: Sometimes it was hard to follow which moment in time is shown, because the movie abruptly cuts between three perspectives, therefore even showing some events twice. I find this non-linear storytelling and continuity breaks unnecessary and poorly executed.

- Repetitive: Much scenes are identical or slightly different from another. Especially the flight scenes did not add much to the story. Instead I rather would've seen some scenes at the front-line with troops actually defending the beach instead of just a bunch of scared, helpless troops waiting for the next plane to fly over and bomb the shite out of them. Keeping out the Germans at the front-line is just as much a part of the story of Dunkirk and it would've given us a chance to actually see the enemy and get some awesome battle scenes.

- Music: Usually I enjoy Zimmer's score. But in this movie there was no moment of silence, not a moment to break the suspense. Especially in IMAX, my ears were buzzing hours after I left the cinema. Was this intentional? Was it supposed to feel like one big action scene without any breaks, to get the same feeling of those soldiers, trapped between battles unable to take a break, constantly in stress of a nearing attack? Well, than Nolan did succeed. But I found it very annoying.

Overall I believe this movie is highly overrated, due to many biased Nolan fans and critics blindly hopping on the hype-train. I found it a very boring movie. The lack of an interesting plot or any interesting characters sadly wasn't compensated enough by the impressive audiovisuals. Rescue yourself from boredom and don't watch this movie!
Oh no :(
Let me say I really wanted to like this film. I avoided seeing the previews or any reviews so I could go in unbiased which is how I like to see all of my movies. I don't like to rubbish the hard work that people put into their films because I enjoy really well made films. But in short I really wish someone told me to avoid this one. I'm not one to follow the flow and praise something that is clearly so very bad.

The bad: The music\noise\soundtrack...whatever you want to call it was terrible. Just random esculations of horned instruments that build up and up and up to nothing. It was way too distracting and completely failed to build the suspense. I found myself looking around the cinema at the speakers wondering when the projectionist was going to realise he had accidentally turned the sound up too loud for the movie.

There is zero character analysis. Everyone looks the same and you cant distinguish anyone from anyone else throughout the film. It doesn't matter anyway because you don't have any reason to care about anyone in particular because there is no back story of anyone. The plot is flat dry and boring. Don't get me wrong it was based on an important event in history but this film does this no justice at all.

My biggest gripe is the lack of dialogue throughout the film. Was Nolan trying something new here? Probably but please don't do it again. There are shots of what are meant to be hundreds of thousands of soldiers all standing in lines on the beach all deathly quiet staring out to the ocean in most scenes. Even the terribly injured lying on stretchers are mutes.

So many scenes don't add any value and don't make any sense. The stupidity of trying to force a single 60kg soldier off a sinking ship to reduce the overall weight of a boat stuck on the sand? I mean really...who writes this stuff. The boat is taking on hundreds of litres of water and you want us to believe that one person will magically raise the boat off the beach? It's a head shaking moment that just makes no sense at all.

The whole thing is a b grade made for TV matinée crossed with the overly long 50 yard stares reminisce of a bad episode of the days our lives. The Dad in the boat couldn't care less that his son dies. He almost seems content. The plane scenes are slow and boring. They show little tactics and make us believe the entire German airforce was fought off by 3 spitfires. And don't get me started on the spitfire that somehow manages to linger in the air long after its engine has stopped for what seems like an eternity. Some say that Spitfire is still flying around without any fuel to this day. As my mate said, he didn't have to land on the beach, he could have flown all the way back to London.

I heard the budget was 150 million. That's got to be a joke. There is just no way. Either that or the majority of the scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. You certainly didn't have to pay your actors for speaking roles.

It's such a shame. This movie has so little going for it. Maybe the editor was coming down off a week long coke bender when he put this together because I have no doubt I could have done better with the raw footage and a PC version of Adode Premier.

Wait for DVD release and a night when you are not really into watching a movie to pop this one in. You wont miss the atmosphere of a cinema for this movie because there is none to talk of. I apologise for being so harsh but I would prefer an apology from the director for killing my expectations. 3/10 is very generous indeed.
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