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Do Anjaane
Drama, Romance, Family, Musical
IMDB rating:
Dulal Guha
Amitabh Bachchan as Amit Roy / Naresh Dutt
Brahmachari as Amit's Friend (as Brahmchari)
Anup Kumar as Amit's co-worker
Lalita Pawar as Amit's Neighbour
Jagdish Raj as Doctor
Pradeep Kumar as Somesh Dutt
Urmila Bhatt as Mrs. Shivani Somesh Dutt
Utpal Dutt as Mr. Sanyal
Rekha as Rekha Roy / Sunita Devi
Prem Chopra as Ronjit Malik (Ronjho)
Storyline: A man (Amitabh Bachchan) is found wounded on railway tracks and when he awakens he has no memory of who he is and doesn't remember anything about his life. Six years later he is living with a wealthy couple and is now named Naresh Dutt. One day he begins to regain his memory when he watches a film and realizes that the actress in the film is related to him somehow. It is then that he discovers the actress in the film is none other than his wife Rekha Roy (Rekha). He finds out that she is now a very successful film actress changing her name to Sunita Devi and her manager is none other than Ranjeet Malik (Prem Chopra) who used to be his best friend. In flashbacks he remembers that his real name is Amit Roy and Ranjit was the one who attempted to kill him six years earlier by throwing him off the train he was traveling on with Rekha. Amit also discovers that his young son who is now 10 years old has been sent to a boarding school and sets out a plan to regain custody of his son...
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Superb film with some few flaws but rare for it's time
Amitabh Bachchan's career was on an all-time high in 1975 when he got 2 blockbusters SHOLAY and DEEWAAR, since that year he got a jump in his career, in 1976 he starred in several films, Blockbusters like Kabhie Kabhie while several films were average runners like ADAALAT, DO ANJAANE.

DO ANJANE is an underrated film, The story of the film was ahead of it's times, it showed the heroine as a complete negative character. It showed her as a realistic women who wants to achieve her goals.

The film starts with Bachchan on the tracks lieing half dead, he is brought home but he seems to have lost his memory and he seems confused about everything, the film starts in a thriller mode and then shifts to the flashback where Amit(Big B's real name) and Rekha(Rekha) get married, the problems Amit faces seem true to life and the scenes are well handled, We sympathise with Amit, there are also scenes which make you laugh like Big B scared about his suhaag raat and the entire chaos that happens after suhaag raat. Prem Chopra's entry brings a good twist and the film has several superb scenes that follow: The film has the later to become famous drunk scenes of Big B, his scene with Prem Chopra first is one of his best and also one of the best of bollywood drunk scenes. The twists and turns keep you on tenterhooks and the train scene is simply superb and provides a superb twist. Bachchan's revenge story too seems superb though it follows the filmy routine where people get fooled easily. The scene in the child's school is very emotional and works well and also the scenes that follow. The climax seems too hurried and happy end. Ideally the film should've not had a happy ending, that would seem believable

Direction by Dulal Guha is good Music is good too by Kalyanji Anandji, though songs are few Luka Chup is superbly sung by Kishore Kumar in both versions, while Rekha's dance songs are good too

Amitabh Bachchan excels as usual, He is the best portraying both the lovable husband and also the revenge seeking Producer. There is a believability in his act, his eyes convey it all superbly too The best thing about him is that he makes you feel that the pain is for real and he can portray anything so brilliantly, Another proof of his versatility. His drunk scenes are fabulous and seem natural His chemistry with Rekha(with whom he starred for the first time perhaps as leads in Namak haraam she was paired opp Rajesh Khanna) is superb Rekha those days was dark and her Hindi wasn't that perfect as she was south Indian but she does a superb job and portrays her evil character to perfection. Prem Chopra is superb as Ranjit Malik, Utpal Dutt is fabulous Lalitha Pawar is typecast, This is one of Mithun's first appearances, he has 2-3 scenes which he did for the director who was his roommate. he is okay. Rest are okay
Mithun Chakraborty in Do Anjanne
Do Anjaane also starred Mithun Chakraborty in a small 2-minute role. In fact Mithun used to stay as a paying guest in Dulal Guha's house and he got this role after a lot of effort. The shooting was held in 1975 and he came down to Calcutta from Mumbai to meet Mrinal Sen. It was a very brief appearance in a scene with Amitabh Bachchan. Mithun was given a Mumbai-Kolkata air ticket as his remuneration and being a friend of Dulal Guha's son Gautam, it helped him. Later he had also starred in Dulal Guha's film, DHUAN, also a murder mystery released in 1980. Whiel shooting in Calcutta in 1975, Mithun had accompanied Amitabh and Rekha from Grand Hotel to various locations in Calcutta.
Mysterious past catching up with the present !
Can an Indian, traditional, that too, a Bengali , middle-class , simple wife, may be talented, but not wayward, go to the extent of doing away with her husband ? for the sake of her ambition, to shine on the silver screen ? And can a husband, forgive her for her mistakes, and accept her ? these are some of the baffling questions, raised by Do Anjaane, of Amitabh, Rekha, and Prem chopra. Basically, the plot line takes a bold step, by bringing the villain, in charge of the overall affairs, of the once docile wife, now in the lime light, and in the fast lane. They seem to be quite closely connected, being together all the time ! some how, the ambitious woman that she is, played by Rekha , tends to keep the middleman at bay, when required, to his irritation, and mounting frustration. He screams at her, after all, I am the one, who made you what you are today. The first half of the movie deals with, Amitabh, enacting a simple , but not a stupid guy, who loves his wife, and son, Rekha, unhappy with their social and financial low status, Prem Chopra, a slimy guy, who knows how to take advantage of the situation, and finally, going to the gruesome extent, by pushing somewhat drunk, yet outspoken hero, out of the running train !

in the second part, which is more or less, seems dragged, and loses it's tempo, while explaining all the happenings, in between the wife becoming an upcoming heroine, much in demand , and the hero, who has survived the tragedy, living with his newly found, rich and kind, loving, parents ! The son is tucked away in a Boarding School, as obviously, the glamorous lady has no time for his upbringing ! Enter Amitabh, and Rekha starts sweating under her heavy make-up, and sequined dresses, frightened at the striking similarity, between this rich, handsome, polished gentleman, who wishes to produce a film, with no one else, but her in the leading role ! And lo !The story matches so much with her own past ! Now this is a real panic situation . The villain is also suspicious, but has no clue. momentarily convinced, after phoning the hero's father, they try to take things for granted. Amitabh also visits his son in the school, and there is that adorable song, Lul Cheep, which makes the son realize, and even the kind Principal, that indeed , this is the long lost father ! Things end happily after all, with some turmoil, fighting, and Rekha realizing what she had missed. Amitabh , Rekha and Prem Chopra, are perfectly cast in their respective roles. Utpal Dutt is as usual, most natural, and helps to lighten the mood of the movie, otherwise heavy, with anticipation, and Rekha's agony. Especially, his efforts at pronouncing the difficult Hindi words, gives a different touch to his personality. But it is Amitabh, who steals the show. One of his memorable performances, he has superbly underplayed, not giving in to the temptation of being melodramatic ! though clichéd in a way, that the hero should survive, and fall in hands of rich people, who literally adopt such a grown up son at that, and the wife going to the extent of secretly wishing that her husband, who doesn't think it's proper for her to be in front of the leering public, should be eliminated, is some what hard to digest! if we accept the film with these basic conceptual flaws, it's worth watching for melodious songs, good dialogs, and excellent acting ! Yet, I have rated this movie on 6 out of ten, because, it doesn't convince on the situations, where the hero boldly encounters his wife, with gifts, ideas, and reminders, when she can easily find out , who the hell he is ! Forget the flaws, and enjoy the movie, not too bad by Indian cinema standards !
Amitabh's first ....... unbelievable!
Remember Amitabhs drunken rants.. his scenes in Satte Pe Satte, etc. I think this movie started it all. Its worth just to see how "pissed" he gets and you will recognise trademark Big B. This is the way movies should have continued to made in India. Culture, ethos, originality, and honest story telling. I have seen this move many times- Mostly in bits and pieces, because whenever its on TV, i get hooked. I still have to see it one more time with my wife because ... well... all husbands and wives must see this movie together. The pacing may be an issue, but surely, every story must be told in a way that provides respite, yet holds attention. Just watch it some late night.. its worth your while. Bonus... if you have a kid, learn that kiddie song and sing it with your kid. It will remind you something about life that you may have forgotten. Living.
Drama unfolded
Do Anjaane is a classic case of a badly written short story made into an above average, watchable film. The plot is dramatic, and at the same time, taut. This film was Dulal Guha's attempt at serious cinema and he came out with flying colors thanks to the contribution of Nabebdu Ghosh who single-handedly re-wrote the story by Dr Nihar Ranjan Gupta (published in a Bengali magazine) and gave the script a generous iota of crispness.

The film tells recounts the story of a middle class couple (Amit Roy & Rekha) in Calcutta, who are forced to go different ways thanks to the intrusion of a Mr Ranit Mallick (wonder why Dulal Guha chose this name, as an actor of the same name is one of the premier stars of Bengal!), till they are united , courtesy their only son, Mithun.

It touches upon the various vignettes of a husband-wife relationship who dream of making it big. Paradoxically, the relationship turns sour and dark when the dreams are fulfilled, till the happy ending which appears forced upon to satisfy the average audience.

A must see for Amitabh fans and Hindi film lovers who see a world outside the common trash churned out in Bollywood.
Good story that avokes curiosity at every step.
Dulal Guha's Do Anjaane was one of the first movies Amitabh and Rekha worked together on. The story explores greed, ruthlessness and revenge. Rakha plays a girl who get married to Amitabh a middle class well to doer, she wants to be a star and always finds herself drawn down by Amitabhs modesty and reluctance to move to a higher stauts in life.

Cue Prem Chopra, Amitabh's friend from youth, who is rich and dresses very lets say extrovertly (its quite hilarious!) He enters both their lives and starts throwing around his money and exploits Rekhas weakness. How the story continues is a fascinating watch.

The film has it's usual fair of songs and dances but it has a very distinct story to tell, and which was quite unique in the times of its release. Amitabh's drunk scene when he's at home I believe to be his best drunk scene yes even better than Amar Akbar Anthony which was released around a year later! As far as performances go Amitabh againis immaculate his transition as middle class struggling husband to suave and calculating film producer is fantastically portrayed by the artiste. Rekha is great and show good emotion and greed. Prem Chopra I believe is hugely underrated as a villain, he might not be Amjad Khan or Amrish Puri type of villain, because he's different. He different in the way that he very sly, manipulative and likes stirring the pot and was the best guy at doing so, and to try to cover things he becomes sincere again.

Thoroughly recommended movie, great entertainment!
Truly, it's an excellent classic!
Do Anjaane is one of Amitabh's best movies. The story is unique, and for once he's not steriotyped. The songs are very good, and this movie has all pro's! Rekha did wonderful as the "evil" wife. It brings up curiosity at every second while you watch it. There's some humor too...like Amitabh's hilarious drunk acting, Utpal Dutt's oddness, and Amitabh's fear of rekha on their suhaag raat. The only con would be rekha's dances, she can dance, but the coregrphy was not so good. Everyone acted great, and Dulal Guha the director did good once again. I also reccoment "Dushman" by Dulal Guha. But first u have to see Do Anjaane!
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