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Dead Space: Downfall
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror, Animation
IMDB rating:
Chuck Patton
Jeff Bennett as Leggio / Dobbs / Jackson (voice)
Bruce Boxleitner as Colin Barrow (voice)
Jim Cummings as Captain Mathius
Grey DeLisle as Heather / Donna Fawkes (voice)
Nika Futterman as Alissa Vincent (voice)
Kelly Hu as Shen
Maurice LaMarche as White / Bavaro (voice)
Phil Morris as Hansen / Glenn (voice)
Bob Neill as Cartusian (voice)
Jim Piddock as Chic (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Samuel Irons / Pendleton / Miner (voice)
Lia Sargent as Jen Barrow (voice)
Hal Sparks as Ramirez (voice)
Storyline: The USG Ishimura, a miner spaceship, is transporting a strange artifact called the Red Marker. In the Aegis VII colony, where the Red Marker was found, there are some suicides and murders and the people are slowly going mad. The people are being infected by something. Barrow, the foreman, finds the body of his wife having committed suicide. Barrow decides to escape the colony's madness and, taking his wife's body, goes on board the Ishimura. But something happens to Barrow's wife on board the Ishimura.
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Low Expectations, Lower Quality Movie
Having completed the Dead Space game by EA recently, when I heard there was a prequel movie I gained a bit of interest. Naturally, my expectations were low, as this is based on a video game, and those movies usually turn out horribly (Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, Far Cry, House of the Dead, Doom, just to name a few).

Renting it from Blockbuster, I came home and popped the disk into my DVD player. What ensued was an hour's worth of blood, gore, some more blood, and not much else; I'll even go on to say that it was even worse than most Sci-Fi Saturday night movies. Character development is virtually non-existent, and you won't really care about what happens to the main characters because they are just, well, there to be killed off in many "creative" fashions.

The film begins as an artifact (or "The Marker" as it's called in the movie and game) is found on the surface of a planet by the mining colony, Aegis 7. It is brought onto a spaceship, the USG Ishimura as people start beginning to have hallucinations and develop violent behavior. As main character Alyssa Vincent and her security team investigate, strange and savage mutants that used to be people attack. Apparently, "The Marker" unleashes a sort of alien infection that kills people and mutates dead tissue, turning them into a sort of zombie or mutant. The rest of the movie is basically a gorefest as Vincent and her team try to activate an emergency distress beacon and find some means of escape.

Overall, you should skip this movie even if you were a fan of the game. Bad voice acting, poor animation, predictable plot, and lack of character development really soils this stinker. However, if you happened to be a gorehound and like extremely violent and over-the-top movies, you'll love this.
Another movie based on a Video Game
There ought to be a law.

Seriously, movies based on Videogames play just like video games. Lots of pointless violence... some exposition... more violence...exposition. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

So they find this artifact on the planet, which amazingly turns everyone into space zombies... lots of gross special effects, a bridge crew whose only purpose is to provide needless exposition before they are presumably killed by the monsters, just like we are told they would be.

Some of the scenes are misogynistic, like when the character voiced by Kelly Hu announces her toughness, and is neatly sliced in two from head to pubic area... have problems with women, much, animators?

There's some subplot about some wacky religion who worships the stone causing all the ruckus, but that's just filler between the unremitting gore...
Not bad
Upon buying the game on release day, the guy behind the counter lovingly threw in a copy of the blu-ray for an extra £10.

I'll be honest, having read Luke-warm reviews on other sites, I wasn't particularly looking forward to watching the feature, but when taking a breather from the game (it gets to your nerves after a while...) I was pleasantly surprised at what the flick had to offer.

The script and voice acting are competent, and the story will definitely appeal to enthusiasts of the property. And whilst the animation isn't stellar, as a companion piece to the video game and animated comic, it serves its adequate purpose of adding another layer to this intriguing universe, a universe that I can only hope will develop into a successful franchise.

A hint to those who may be in my position though, finish the game before you watch this, there's a slight spoiler at the end of the movie.
Dead Space: Downfall (2008)
Just a poorly animated and terribly written rip-off of so many space set horrors. Most notably the Alien saga. The animation is jolty and is certainly missing frames. This doesn't work well during the action scenes and there is no fluidity. The characters are complete abominations. The protagonist is one of the most unlikable twerps I've ever seen on film. She questions her superiors, disobeys orders, risks humanities existence, talks down to everyone, and solves all her problems by punching people. After which, she then expects them to play along. How we were ever expected to root for such a character is way beyond me. Not only this, but during one attack scene none of the soldiers fire their weapons. Big multi-armed zombie aliens are attacking her friends and everyone stands around like impotent retards. Finally we have a script that is painful in every sense of the word. The dialog is so cringe worthy. "I'm not a hero, just a man." Vomit. Everything the main character says is filled with anger and venom, so you wonder how she achieved anything in her career. The film gets a few points for gore, as it was great to see these characters ripped apart, as that meant I didn't have to look or listen to them anymore.
Good Anime , Low Quality in Graphics excelect B movie
If you like b-movies you gone love it.It drowns from mainly from Resident Evil Series and i mean the games.

The quality of the animation is poor.It reminds me a little bit Eon Flux in the animation department.

It is dark , bloody full goar like a Ramirez film.

But it excellent if you like the sci-fi - horror genre.You gone love.

If you care about the game Dead Space download the comic first the watch downfall and then play the game.

The story is pretty much straightforward.Dead planet ,host parasitic alien form,comes to ship,kill everyone.

But again you gone love.Don't treat the movie like a serious Anime effort.

It is not Appleseed.It is not Ghost in the Shell.It is not even Robotech.

It is probably (for me at least) the first b-movie Anime
Play the game first.
Play the game first, then check this out. The animation, while not the best, was smooth and clean cut, the voice acting was actually pretty good too and has a decent voice cast as well. There is also a ton of gore, which I of course like to see in a Dead Space movie/game. Reminder, this is a prequel, so don't expect to see Issac (Which I think turned off most people from watching this). I have very low standards for video game movies and I started this by expecting some z movie tie in (You can thank Uwe Boll for giving me those standards) but I was surprised by how much I was entertained by this. The characters were pretty cool and I liked how simple, smooth and how well the story went. It has some flaws but in the end, give it a try. It might entertain you as much as it entertained me.
Nice and Bloody
I haven't played the video game yet, because the movie is a prequel story to the game. I liked what I saw! It wasn't the best animated movie I ever saw, but it is really well made and seems to fit nicely into a history. Can't wait for what is going to happen in the game (have seen stills of the movie, which suggests, that the game has a different "cartoon" style than the movie).

As the game is supposed to be, the movie is very violent. The game is supposed to have more scares though. It's graphic (no pun intended), but the horror factor might be low for some people. Characters are very well drawn (again sorry for the pun) and hopefully you'll like this and enjoy it as much as most did here
Not bad,but isn't the best animation movie
This movie is a prequel to the EA's game''Dead Space''I not played the game,because I haven't a PS3 or Xbox 360. The story tell about the events in the USG Ishimura before the USG Kellion arrives.The protagonist is the Head of security in the Ishimura,Alissa Vincent,who smells that something is going wrong when a strange artifact,called the Red Marker,is transported by the Ishimura. Then a pair of creatures appears in the Ishimura,infecting the crew.Vincent and his team(Ramirez,Shen,Hanson,Pendleton and Dobbs)along a Unitologist(a religious sect)engineer called Samuel Irons,while the Ishimura's captain and the doctor Kyne helps Alissa and her team.But the characters haven't any emotions,they are like dolls.The plot and the dialogues are very simple and childish.Dead Space:Downfall only save from the burning because of its abundant gore.

SPOILER:When Hanson goes crazy and kills Shen,OMG,that's a stupid moment!,only a excuse to kill 2 characters.
I guess its OK...... for based off a game.
This is a rather odd one out know where. I had no clue what this was about and if it was connected to anything. All I knew was it was an animation and the artwork looked rather American style. It was rather confusing watching the show because they didn't really explain much about this. Just a warning though, there really is a lot of blood, guts, and nudity in this show.

The show gets really odd the more and more you watch it with people acting oddly and bodies turning up all over the place. It seems a lot like it could be a really good video game story rather then a movie. A really horror based video game with people disappearing and going crazy. Of course, it is and this was based off of the story. I guess they did good in that aspect but in another aspect, it just means it should not of been a movie. The rest of the show becomes way too political to keep my interest. We have a hot shot security leader battling against the head of the ship shes on, and then there is her security team who is pretty much the crackshot, the rebel (why is she here again?), the no name computer expert, the big guns, the rookie… am I reminding you of a particular team in any other horror show or game? The animation looks like an American comic book with its well-detailed faces and sunken cheeks that push the cheekbones out. The cg part of this show is kind of lack luster, feeling like they were thrown in though the textures were as close as they could get. Women's bodies seem to be very voluptuous no matter who they are with large breasts and hips and a rather tiny waist. The main character seems like she is very top heavy to the point she looks like she can break her back. Some of the models and backgrounds look like they are steampunk with dark and dingy colorings and rust color specks on most of the objects. I do have a question, what is with the strange lights on the back of their jackets? Then never explain what the hell that was supposed to be though I guess I can estimate that its to show if your alive or not. Not sure why they would need that though. Other parts of the show seem to be pulled right out of a video game. Some things aren't consistent like for example, when one of the characters wives kills herself, she slices the neck almost clean off but when he's carrying her, her head seems to be attached again.

The script makes me feel rather confused as they don't explain who everyone is and what the hell they are doing. Not like it matters as all of them turn out to be unimportant. I mean, they end up being nameless stereotypes to space age horror movies. The voices most of the time seem like they are just reading the script of being forced to act surprised. Lots of characters seem to have only two personalities, mad and upset. They all seem to have the same personalities and are pretty generic when it boils down to trying to put a name to a face. There is a lot of swearing, sex talk, and racial and gender related discriminations.
I couldn't stand it
When I first heard about this movie, I thought it was an anime got really excited because I love anime and Dead Space is an awesome game. I waited first to complete the game before I got the movie, so I did. And what do I get for my waiting? Pure crap, that' what. It was not anime for one, it was regular American animation. Since the game is 18+ I would have at least expect some cool more adult-like animation, but no. The animation part of this film is completely awful, I can't stand it. OK I could handle the 3d animation even though they were not that good. But the character animations are just awful, I mean it's like watching Disney Channel. And Im guessing that's what audience they are looking for since I can't imagine an adult enjoying this movie. They voice acting was good, that's pretty much the only thing I don't have a complaint on. The dialogue was pretty lame, typical American tough guy crap, it's so cliché and overdone. So, I guess they were trying to please with film is the gamer audience and the animation audience. Well I don't watch much American animation so I can't really say anything about that, but I doubt the US would succeed on making as good animation as Japan. But as a gamer, Im disappointed, Dead Space is a really good game I enjoyed playing it a lot and feel that it's on of the few great accomplishments done by the EA. So as a gamer Im really disappointed in this movie, so unless you're a hardcore Dead Space fan I would avoid it.
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