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Crystal Inferno
France, Belgium
Action, Adventure, Family
IMDB rating:
Eric Summer
Claire Forlani as Brianna Bronson
Riley Jackson as Anne Bronson
Isaac Rouse as Ben Bronson
Eva Ilieva as Model girl
Michael Fleming as Fire Lieutenant Nick
Delly Allen as Natasha Vila
Nigel Barber as Lucas Beaumont
J.R. Esposito as James
Emilia Klayn as Michelle Minor
Yonko Dimitrov as Fireman
Atanas Srebrev as Eric Steele
Jamie Bamber as Tom Bronson
Storyline: At the 20th floor of a skyscraper, a gas leak has started a fire. Anne and Ben Bronson, two teenage kids, are trapped in a fiery inferno 20 storeys above the ground, while the fire is spreading throughout the entire building. From the 60th floor, their parents, Brianna and Tom, who were about to sign their divorce papers, will have to fight together to save their family from the flames. Even if Brianna is a brilliant structural engineer, will she find out a way to stop this uncontrolled fire ?
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This is a really awful movie...
Acting is straight out of stage-school. Wooden and rigid.

The plot is poor. The dialogue/script is very, very poor. This isn't even TV movie quality.

How on earth did Claire Forlani fall from Meet Joe Black to this rubbish? Avoid this. Don't waste 93 minutes of your life.

EDIT: I wrote after having watched the first 20-25 minutes. I wish I could now give it a lower score, as the film just got progressively worse... What Claire Forlani's character did in the lift shaft at about 55 mins is simply ludicrous. The acting surrounding an aerial accident a bit later is even worse.

I wish I could unwatch this diatribe.
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