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Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Fantasy, Romance, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Frank Nissen
Jennifer Hale as Cinderella
Christopher Daniel Barnes as Prince Charming
Russi Taylor as Fairy Godmother
Susanne Blakeslee as Lady Madonna Tremaine
Tami Tappan Damiano as Cinderella
Tress MacNeille as Anastasia
Tara Platt as DVD Narrator (voice)
Andre Stojka as The King (voice)
Holland Taylor as Prudence (voice)
Damien Warren-Smith as Prince Charming
Frank Welker as The Devil
Corey Burton as Gus (voice)
Storyline: Lady Tremaine gets her hands on the Fairy Godmother's wand, then turns back time to the day Cinderella tried on the glass slipper. She enlarges the slipper to fit one of the stepsisters, Anastasia, then erases Prince Charming's memories of meeting Cinderella. Now, Cinderella must foil Lady Tremaine's scheme and win back her prince.
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brings better messages for kids than in the original
i loved this movie very much. i say this because in the original Cinderella is all goody goody and has dreams of getting away from her step family and all she does is sit around just waiting for something to happen. seriously people when kids see the original they will think that some random magical person will come and solve all their problems. although when you kids see this and also the first sequel (cinderlla 2 dreams come true) they will learn that something might happen to their magical person and that when you sit around doing nothing you wont get anything near of what you want (ofcoarse friends would also be helpful) also in both sequels Cinderella is much more independent and you learn a lot more about the other characters like the princes mother and the kings past and the stepmother is countless times more evil. and you also learn that one of the stepsisters want what Cinderella also wants. i love the songs epically "just a dream" and "at the ball". their is so much more comedy and more sweet moments with a lot of the characters and not just Cinderella and the prince. also you get a lot more information about the prince except for his name. i would give this about an 8/10 because i wish that Disney would put Cinderella's dead mother and father figure in the clouds or something watching her live happily. so to sum it all up watch this movie and your get a much more magical feeling.
Great twist on the original!
I have to admit that before watching this one with my 2 year old daughter, it seemed virtually certain that I'd be doing a great deal of groaning and yawning for the next hour and fifteen minutes. After all, a movie made for young girls, released straight to video, and branded with a 3 at the end of the title, doesn't really sound all that thrilling.

Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised! The artwork, score, and voice acting were all up to Disney's usual high standards. But I was most impressed with the writing / screenplay. Where the original Cinderella was and always will be a classic, I felt it lacked character depth. It was a wonderful movie… in its day.

C3's characters had real world problems and values. The plot was a great twist on the original. This one's a great little flick for any child or child at heart. I was surprised to see even my little 2 year old got emotionally involved in the story and stayed with it almost all the way through! At the end, I felt slightly disappointed that it wasn't released in theaters.
A Return to Grand Story Telling
I have fond memories of the original 'Cinderella'. I remember sitting in the theatre when the movie was re released in New Zealand cinemas at the age of ten and falling in love with the story then.

So when the sequel 'Cinderella 2 Dreams come true' came out( and I was a teen ) I was eager to see where the writers would take us next in Cinderellas life,unfortunately I was very disappointed.

But finally any prayers seem to have been answered in 'Cinderella 3 A twist in time'.

This movie was Excellent.

It seems Disney has decided to put a lot of love and care into our much loved Cinderellas story. The animation was top notch ( No Little Mermaid 2 Animation here),and the story was well told,inventive and very creative. The movie was entertaining and fun.I was impressed and I highly recommend this film.

It seems the department that makes these Disney DVD Sequels is set to close. That's a real shame, because when they get it right it's great.Also I know many people simply state that these DVD's are simply trying to ride the coat tails of there originals success and are made for "a quick buck"and obviously that's true. But when they are not cheap and rushed but well told and polished like Cinderella 3, then it is a true joy to see the continuation of these beloved characters lives when they have been a part of so many wonderfully fond childhood memories.
Good for kids, not great for adults
I will say that when I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was impressed. The idea of the stepmother getting a hold of the wand and turning back time is pretty neat! I've not seen the second movie, nor do I plan to.

The animation for this film is decent, though sometimes Cinderella looks like a man and her head is too big. The jokes are cheesy and the majority of the plot is see-through, but what can I do? I'm an adult and may have lost some of my child-like innocence. The music is unmemorable...sort of.

Good film for children as a sequel but is much too reminiscent of The Little Mermaid in places and other Disney films to be unique. Watch if you're intrigued by the plot setup but don't bother buying this one unless it's for your kids.
I was excited to see this movie when I first heard about it. I love all the Disney fairy tales and while the sequels usually are awful this one was done perfectly! They give personality to each character that was lacking in the first movie. The prince actually wasn't a smiling idiot, the step-sisters were the evil-step sisters but had more spunk, and the evil step-mother was just as wicked and ambitious for her daughters as the first. Even Cinderella herself showed a courageous side that you didn't get to see before.

It seemed to be a darker story compared to most Disney movies and it turned out well. I enjoyed the ending and understood exactly why they kept it that way.

This is definitely an awesome movie to pick up!
it really wasn't that bad
i actually thought that this movie wasn't that bad. when i heard that a Cinderella 3 was coming out, i was like..when did they ever make a Cinderella 2. so i did some online searching, and i found the Cinderella 2 summary and it somewhat rang a bell. but i guess if Cinderella 2 was any good i would have remembered it. but Cinderella 3 like i said really isn't that bad. i love the whole plot to the movie, makes you really think what would have happened if Cinderella never got her fairy tale prince and all. some of my favorite parts was when the prince jumps out the window, i just love his facial expressions and how he does it, it looks like hes trying to fly. lol. well yea, if you have kids or anything, you should at least give this movie a chance, maybe you might like it yourself
Left a sour taste...
This entire movie just felt entirely too rushed. The opening sequence where Stepmother gets her hands on the wand happen all in the confines of a song about how in love the prince and Cinderella are, and then we're OFF! The songs were terrible for the most part, the plot seemed to keep inventing new parts of the kingdom out of nowhere (suddenly it's a seaport town), and the action was at times even too cartoonish for a cartoon. There was also entirely too much time dedicated to the prince and his father who are both, frankly, completely uninteresting characters. The movie also creates an entire subplot about another character that was left completely unresovled save for a brief glimpse of a picture of what may happen to her, and the end credits put over snapshots of the happy couple seemed entirely too smarmy for a movie that's supposed to be "Happily Ever After THE END". The voices were almost all completely wrong, Gus and Jacques' new voices made me cringe, and Anastasia sounded like one of the Animaniacs. Of course, there were a few good things, it was always fun to see Lady Tremaine (the stepmother) appear on the screen and when she left you wished she would come back, and the movie would be entertaining enough for a child, but it sadly doesn't even scratch the surface of the true classic, the original Disney's Cinderella.
Oh, it isn't terrible
I'm not just going to judge Direct To Video Disney sequels here. I'm looking at all Direct To Video movie sequels and consider this to be one of the best among any of them. This movie features Lady Tremaine (AKA the wicked stepmother) stealing the fairy godmother's magic wand and traveling back in time to make it so that her daughter, Anastasia is the one the Prince marries. What I like about the movie is how smart Cinderella and the good guys are. Upon finding out this ordeal, they immediately try to set things right. The villains are pretty smart here too.

Then again, it is the side characters like the prince who are focused more on in this movie. Honestly, that works out quite well. We get some good tension brought up everywhere and nice action to go with it. Maybe it was too short, but still enjoyable. It's certainly much better than the second one which it even alludes to here. The story really does make sense. The wicked stepmother breaks Cinderella's other glass slipper, making me wonder if this was reused for the live-action version. That version, the original cartoon, and "Ever After" are all better versions of the classic tale, but this is still good. ***
Cinderella III is by far the best Disney movie to be the final chapter in a trilogy. Most of the sequels and "final chapters" never have the chance to hold their own and try to be at least as good as the first, but this movie does it. We see the Stepmother turn more wicked than she was in the first film after she gets the wand. We see which step-sister is actually ugly and wicked. Anastasia's character really shines in this film. Though watching and dealing with Cinderella's newest problem, you also watch, laugh, and cry with Anastasia. You truly see what's in her heart and how she feels. I love the way she progresses and shows that though someone may come from a family of cold black hearts, that one person can still be warm and caring on the inside if given the chance. The Prince is given a new look on how sweet and kind he actually is and why he's "Prince Charming". The mice are lovable as always and almost even more and of course, Cinderella our Heroin... this movie deserves to be watched with an open mind. Yes, go and remember how the original story goes, but do not expect it to be as sugar coated, Cinderella III is for one that everyone will enjoy. When magic's involved... all bets are off.
Better than one would likely expect after "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True"
This is another one of many direct-to-video sequels to Disney animated features made in the past seventeen years, and the second sequel to the 1950 Disney version of "Cinderella". Both of these sequels were made over fifty years after the original. I saw 2002's "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True" earlier this month, and unsurprisingly, it didn't mean much to me. I didn't think this one, released five years later, would be any better until I saw that it had a significantly higher rating here, so even though it was another one of the Disney direct-to-video sequels, which are usually fairly weak, I had higher expectations for it than I did for the middle "Cinderella" film. While this film still can't match the original, it is above average.

The Fairy Godmother's magic wand falls into the wrong hands when she accidentally drops it in front of Anastasia, who has been spying on the couple's wedding anniversary and witnessing the Fairy Godmother doing her magic, and by doing so, she has found out how Cinderella and Prince Charming got together in the first place! She takes the wand back to mother Lady Tremaine and sister Drizella, and when the Fairy Godmother comes to retrieve it, she is accidentally turned into a statue! Now realizing this wand's power, Lady Tremaine uses it to reverse time and return to the moment where the Duke came with the glass slipper! Before Cinderella gets downstairs, her stepmother uses the wand to change the size of the slipper to fit Anastasia! Since Cinderella is the one who danced with the prince, she is determined to prove that she is the one. After her cruel stepmother and stepsisters leave for the palace, Cinderella secretly goes there as well, with her mouse friends, Jaq and Gus, to assist her. She thinks Prince Charming will remember her from the ball, but Lady Tremaine erases her from his memory!

The musical numbers in this sequel aren't that good if you ask me, and this already shows at the schmaltzy beginning, but the songs aren't exactly bad, either. At least they are sung by the characters, and are not like the pop songs performed by Brooke Allison and featured in "Cinderella II: Dreams Come True". The only exception here is "I Still Believe", performed by Hayden Panettiere, but we don't hear that one until the closing credits. The humour in this second sequel usually fails, with the sight gags that include conflict between Anastasia and Drizella, who make a huge mess in one of the palace rooms at one point. I don't think anything here made me laugh, not even the scenes involving the King, as much as this character made me laugh in the original 1950 Disney flick. However, I have no complaints about the animation in "Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time", and the story is the main thing that keeps this direct-to-video release from being boring, even if it wasn't 100% satisfying to me for some reason. It most certainly wasn't like I didn't care what was going to happen to the characters.

As with any direct-to-video sequel to a Disney animated feature, some fans of the original theatrically released movie (in this case, one which was made and shown in theatres long before the invention of the home video) are bound to hate "Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time". However, some fans of the 1950 "Cinderella" movie could be surprised. The premise sounded interesting to me before I watched the film, as much as some viewers might be disgusted by it, and may be the main reason why this particular Disney direct-to-video sequel is better than most of the many others I've seen. I almost feel I could rate it a seven out of ten, but not quite, and if I did that, it would mean I would be giving it the same rating I gave the original. I'm sure many Disney fans would consider that inexcusable! Still, even if you've seen "Cinderella II" and don't like it, you might not want to just assume that "Cinderella 3" isn't any better.
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