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Cardboard Gangsters
Crime, Drama
IMDB rating:
Mark O'Connor, Mark O'Connor
Kierston Wareing as Kim Murphy
Fionna Hewitt-Twamley as Angela Connolly
Tristan Heanue as Kieran
Graham Earley as Evers Dempsey
Stephen Clinch as Ross Kelly
Jimmy Smallhorne as Derra Murphy
Paul Alwright as Glenner (as Paul Alright)
Alan Clinch as Whacker
Maura Foley as Maura
Fionn Walton as Dano
John Connors as Jason Connolly
Damien Dempsey as Curley Murphy
Storyline: Cardboard Gangsters follows the story of a group of young lads in Darndale, led by Jay Connolly (John Connors), who sell drugs to make a living. They set out in a bid to gain more money and power and enter the big leagues of the drug trade. Things begin to unravel quickly as not everyone in Darndale is willing to let these Cardboard Gangsters achieve the notoriety they crave without a fight.
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Mind blowing realism , tense , powerful, amazing performances , just brilliant .
Just watched Mark O'Connor and John Connors masterpiece Cardboard Gangsters . It was excellent. John Connors is an truly fantastic actor , and holds every scene with a chokehold grip that doesn't let up. The direction , camera angles, use of music, this movie is just drenched in style . Also there is a montage scene midway through the movie where Damien Dempsey's talents are used to enormous effect , with the use of his track " Serious " . A perfect powerful fit for a powerful movie . Please do yourself a massive favor and see this movie on the BIG screen , it is tense , gritty and absolutely brilliant . I personally cannot wait to see what John Connors and Mark O Connor have to offer next , either as a team , or on their own. Either way it is going to be Gold , best of luck to them both and they deserve every success . Thanks for taking the time to read this , and please check this movie out , it's f**king deadly . Phil Doyle Dublin Ireland .
I didn't think I would like this film! But it was just brilliant! John Connors was amazing in it. Edge of your seat stuff but also emotional and raw at times. Some funny moments too. The best film I've seen this year! A must see. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! This is my IBDb review. It was THAT good!
An outstanding non-Hollywood low budget film delivers unnervingly tension and realism!
How can anyone not like this film keeping in mind this is a non- Hollywood big budget production?! Wow, I was blown away... I still feel uneasy 30 min after the ending credits.

This film was the Irish equivalent to a Tarantino film!

Novice writer and director Mark O'Connor just nailed every aspect of this film. His directing is comparable to any top Hollywood director. Camera angles, close ups, pan-in & outs, just perfect! Even the cinematography and score could have not been fitted any better into this film.

Then we have actor and writer John Connors who just nailed his character so well, you felt you were right there feeling his emotions and tension. It felt as if this was all actually happening and you were just in the background observing everything.

Nothing about this film felt acted, phony or 'Hollywood-ish'. The realism was on point. I've never heard of any of these actors and every single one of them played their characters to perfection.

I'm just shocked at some of these negative reviews, especially the one who was so judgmental on the actors appearances, charisma, etc... and he didn't even get past 20 mins of this masterpiece. Know-it-all critics like that need to be banned from this site, as they are clearly not critics! Try Googling 'how to critique a film' and then analyze each component and you will see this film is a winner. Add the tense enjoyment and realism and this film is perfect.

Do yourself a favor and watch this film, ignore the negative reviews, take your blinders off, and see this film for what it is... a non-Hollywood, low budget amateur film masterpiece. It's a slow start, but gets much better. And if anyone thinks my review is fake, click on my username and you will see I'm more legit than 80% of the people on this site with over 600 ratings and almost 300 reviews!

A perfect and well deserved 10/10 from me! Bravo to John Connors, Mark O'Connor and all the rest of the cast and crew who put together this masterpiece! I hope you win many well deserved awards.
Honest and Gritty
I felt compelled to give a review of this movie having read some of the others who slated it for no reason. For the budget that was allotted for it the show turned out to be one of the most enjoyable Irish movies ever made. It's dark and gritty from the start and doesn't hide from the audience the intended plot. The show fixates on the grand delusions of low end dealers in Dublin who really have no idea what they're getting in for. John as the central role plays his character to perfection and really holds the whole flick together. For a complete bunch of unknowns I take my hat off to them for being part of this rlly enjoyable drug based drama. Simple plot with expected finale but even though I knew what was coming that was OK. The film told us that from the offset. It doesn't hide itself from the plot. It's honest and gritty so just enjoy it for what it is.
When cast members write their own reviews....
Mind blowing realism , tense , powerful, amazing performances , just brilliant ..........

.....................it is not. his must have been observed by his blind guide dog, he must be deaf too. This movie is simply rubbish.

Switched it off twenty odd minutes in. Reminds me of Essex boys, but Essex boys was worse, Í'll have to give them that. Extremely poor acting and an extremely poor story-line.

Those these actors, I commend your bravery and hope you made a bundle. However please be advised that actors generally need charisma, talent and preferable be pleasing to watch. Making a gangster-movie seems to be the favorite thing to do for untalented, slightly chubby, not so good looking and uncharismatic actors.
4.5-5.0 at best
It's watchable, don't get me wrong and you could likely waste an hour and a half and not be overly disappointed, but this is no 6.5+ Gangster flick. A shade above a load-a sh*te. Tired subject and mostly *yawn* acting. IMDb rating system is bordering on the ridiculous these days. It used to be an honest reflection on the film's worth. Now it's just a hooky scam only reflected by those involved in the film and trying to drum-up business and viewers based on dishonest reviews.
I wrote this myself
This movie was made on a shoestring budget. And they all shared the same shoestring. Some really stereotypical wannabe Irish 'gangsta' acting in this.

A couple things i noticed: The film has no sense of time passing. It feels like it all happened in one afternoon. Irish police DO NOT get involved in enforcing evictions or serving bailiff summonses. It's a Sheriff who enforces non payment in Ireland not a bailiff.

....sorry i'm not wasting anymore time on this. I'm gonna end it here.

Actually the ending is stupid and only a moron would do that knowing who the person was.

I reckon they only had one shoestring and it was used to hold the plot together.
Very Believable
Well acted and very realistic story. I could see this actually happening in real life. A bit hard to understand the Irish accent, but not everything is made for an American audiences. The actors did a great job, for unknowns (at least in America). The lead actor John Connor, who was also the writer, knew so much about it, you would think he lived this life. GO SEE IT!
Dark and violent look at Dublin's drug underworld
Be under no illusion, this is a really gritty, in your face, warts and all movie about drugs, drug dealing and the people involved.

It is set in Darndale, a somewhat socially problematic suburb of Dublin, Ireland. The movie highlights the social lifestyle and difficulties experienced by some of the characters and it charts their story from childhood to present day.

The opening scene and introduction to the characters is a fantastic opening to this movie as it shows the viewer the beauty and innocence of childhood friendships. It is a very clever and strong way to establish a relationship between the audience and the characters from the outset, a connection that you share until the very end.

The movie has a balance between experienced professional actors and new talent and they blend well and offer a sense of realism to their roles.

This a dark movie with real and believable insight in to how circumstances can lead people to make life changing decisions, for better or for worse? It is most definitely a 'no holds barred' depiction of how lives can change in an instant, where there is no rewind button. The stark language is a realistic endorsement of what life is like growing up in a housing estate such as Darndale, and it gives the movie a true sense of credibility.

The violence in the movie reflects the lifestyle choices that you face when you buy into the drug dealing world where reputations and respect come with a price tag. Where you may question or challenge someone's reputation, be prepared to pay a high price.

This is a movie that is worth seeing for sure and just allow yourself to immerse into the lives of the characters from the outset and travel with them on the journey through the story.
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