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Call of the Wolf
Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
R.D. Womack II
Cynthia Bravo as Viviana
Storyline: R.D. Womack II's patiently paced thriller has been hailed, "as thrilling as it is beautiful" - Brian Corsetti, HollyScoop. Follow Lester; a privileged underachiever who awakes to find himself kidnapped and stranded in a snowbound cabin. Along with Viviana, another captive, the two must survive the brutal onslaught of winter and outsmart their kidnapper; a sniper calling himself "Wolf". With a blizzard bearing down on them the pair embarks on a deadly game of survival. Will the pair find a way through the winter storm to freedom, or will the mountain become their icy grave?
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Rather boring, uneventful movie
Although beautiful scenery, the movie is sluggish, the main character is unbelievably clumsy and hysterical, the "mean guy" is not frightening in any manner, it really comes from nowhere and has nothing to do with the plot or with the main character's family, although what happens is supposed to be a kind of "lesson" for a spoiled loser, it is difficult to understand how the two victims got in that remote place, the fights are not realistic. The movie is too long for nothing to happen. Do not waste your time.
Very slow but pretty good
I almost skipped this one but since all the critics reviews were fairly positive I decided to give it a shot. Firstly, this movie is very slow. If you don't like slow paced movies, you won't like this film. It's also pretty quiet. It doesn't rely on a ton of music or crazy sound effects which just adds to the feeling of loneliness. The lead actor is pretty good. At first I didn't think the acting was all the great, but as the movie goes on and the character begins to change, so does the acting which makes me think it was a creative decision. The lead character is a brat but by the end of the film I was genuinely rooting for him. The photography is beautiful, and the location really adds a lot of character to the story. The color is also something that really stood out, especially how that bright yellow jacket pops against the snow. My one and only real gripe is the accent of the bad guy. I found it a bit over the top and sometimes couldn't understand exactly what he was saying. I think they could have just gone with a regular menacing voice instead of adding an accent to it. Nonetheless the dialog is pretty clever and the story, while not super original, is actually a lot of fun. It's interesting that they decided to take the "kidnapped by a killer" horror trope and turn it into a drama. And it actually works pretty well. Despite it being a slow film I was always kind of wondering what was going to happen next. If you're patient this movie is worth your time.
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