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Brother Bear 2
Adventure, Fantasy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Ben Gluck
Mandy Moore as Nita (voice)
Rick Moranis as Rutt
Dave Thomas as Tuke
Andrea Martin as Anda (voice)
Catherine O'Hara as Kata (voice)
Wanda Sykes as Innoko (voice)
Wendie Malick as Aunt Siqiniq (voice)
Kathy Najimy as Aunt Taqqiq (voice)
Jim Cummings as Bering / Chilkoot (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Atka (voice)
Tress MacNeille as Hoonah (voice)
Storyline: An old female friend of Kenai needs his help on a quest, much to Koda's growing consternation.
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Predictable and disappointing
I wouldn't recommend watching this movie, it just felt lazily put together and the whole movie was so predictable. You cant really figure out Nita, there's no back story to her except her tie to Kenai and that her mother died. Other than that, her character wasn't developed at all. Koda was ignored most of the time, and although Kenai liked Nita you couldn't really see why he did, and why the 'amulet' had any real meaning to it when it wasn't all that special looking to begin with. Kenai just sorta handed it to her, there wasn't any back story as to why the amulet was special to him, if he made it by hand for her, or if it was his mothers or something. Just seemed like a plain wooden necklace to me. On the first movie there were several characters, that even though they had not much dialogue it made the movie seem much more interesting and funny, but in the sequel there's only Nita, Kenai and Koda,and occasionally the two moose brothers. This movie had nothing emotional about it, and to be honest, I wouldn't watch it again.
Unnecessary cash grab from Disney again.
Such a disappointment to the original Brother Bear. I'm not sure why Disney felt the need for another movie. The first one was great.

This one is just a filler for romance. Why do we really need this after the original taught us about what love really means? Sacrifice. Now instead of brotherly love we get love between a man and a woman. A reoccurring theme in millions of films. Enough already! This is a dud. Skip out on this waste of straight to video garbage.

P.S. Sha-Woman!? Worst pun ever.
I loved brother bear two
I found Brother Bear Two and inspirational and beautiful movie. What I was able to reap from the movie was that through adversity and many obstacles true love, be it the love of a family or the love of another in this case a bear to human that our own spirit will direct us. Their heart are intrinsically linked the movie shows that thought we all have difficulty it can be overcome. I absolutely loved the music it was inspirational also. Melissa Etherage is wonderful and her music was outstanding. I'm afraid that some were expecting the movie to be really funny and not expecting a heartfelt message. I'm truly sorry if they were disappointed. Personally I love the movie and rate it 10 of 10
A mostly mediocre direct-to-video sequel, though it gets better towards the end
"Brother Bear", released in 2003, is not one of the most popular Disney animated features, but like a number of the more popular ones, it did get the direct-to-video sequel treatment. "Brother Bear 2" was released in 2006. I saw the original for the first time just last month, nearly seven years after its release, and certainly didn't like it as much as some clearly do, but thought it was pretty good nonetheless. These Disney direct-to-video sequels aren't usually that good, and I figured this one would be no exception. Even though this one is more popular than some of the others, it didn't quite surpass my expectations. For the most part, I thought it was simply mediocre, with occasional funny moments, but also found that it got slightly better towards the end, so I thought it was still better than "Home on the Range".

Kenai now lives happily as a bear with his orphaned foster brother cub, Koda. Winter is almost over, and the bears have just awoken from hibernation. On their way to Crowberry Ridge to get berries, Kenai and Koda stop to sleep, and Kenai has a dream about Nita, a childhood friend of his, and it is then obvious that he is haunted by his memories of her. Meanwhile, Nita is about to get married, but the wedding is interrupted by the Spirits, who make it clear that they do not approve! When they were children, Kenai gave Nita an amulet, and she will not be able to marry somebody else unless she makes it to Hokani Falls in time for the vernal equinox and burns the amulet, and Kenai has to go with her. Innoko, the "sha-woman," puts Nita under a spell so she can communicate with bears, and Nita goes out to find Kenai and begin the trek to Hokani Falls. Along the way, the three of them (Kenai, Nita, and Koda) face more than one problem.

When I started watching this sequel, I already didn't find it very interesting, but knew this could change as the film went along. I didn't care much for the Nita character and the voice acting provided for her by Mandy Moore. The humour in "Brother Bear 2" usually doesn't work so well. Innoko, voiced by Wanda Sykes, is clearly supposed to be funny, but isn't, and basically, the same goes for Aunt Siqiniq and Aunt Taqqiq. Also Koda is once again pretty lame as a comic relief, and there are some poor lines in the film, such as Nita's comment when she sees Kenai as a bear for the first time. Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas returned to play Rutt and Tuke, the moose brothers based on the two actors' iconic "SCTV" alter egos, Bob and Doug McKenzie. If it weren't for them, the humour in this movie would generally miss the mark. The animation in this sequel is like that in the original "Brother Bear", pretty good, but not great. I also didn't find the adventure very entertaining for the most part. Towards the end, I found that there are some exciting and touching moments, which is what makes it slightly better at this point, and this is why I'm giving the film a 6/10 instead of a 5. So, "Brother Bear 2" may be entertaining for many kids and some adults as well, but unsurprisingly, like probably most of these direct-to-video sequels, I wouldn't call it a must-see.
Lacks like pretty much any of Disney's sequels
This is the second movie to the tale of brother bear, and I actually think it picks up well from where the first leaves off even though it seems to downgrade from there. The story turns into a rather big sitcom of a girl and her ex-boyfriend having to learn to deal with each other. Neather of them want to show how much they like the other and yet everyone around them pretty much figures out what is going on.

I feel that Nita is way to much like some other strong Disney characters like Mulan and that makes it hard to see her as another character. I keep seeing her as Mulan and it messes me up, especially when they mess up the stereotype of that sort of character. I don't mean mess it up so it's not a stereotype, I mean mess it up so that it makes no sense. I do have to say that I feel sorry for Koda a lot because he pretty much was forgotten for most of the show when Nita shows up. It's really a sad time and yet, feels really predictable. You have a small child that was pretty much a big part of the first movie only to be brushed aside in the second because a girl shows up. You could say that in that way, its rather real but I say that it just feels forced. Even the ending feels really predictable.

The artwork is as beautiful as the first one though the bears seem to lack slightly. They are way too bright for the world around them that looks a lot more shuttle. Bears are kind of supposed to blend in a little more with there surroundings, not look like they were plastered into it. Sadly, the characters look really Asian instead of cave men or native American and Nita looks a lot like Mulan in that. I just kept wondering if the person that drew Mulan was drawing the people. It just feels strange.

The music is wonderful, giving the feeling of the scene they want to imply. The voices are pretty good, one or two kind of fall short but still work pretty nice. I'm not sure about the old wise woman who sounds Jamaican rather then caveman. Kenai also doesn't sound like how he was before. He sounds more annoyed.

I did enjoy the work but it really did not work well like the first did. So many things seemed to lack that I can't give it a high rating.
Best Movie of 2006
The Best Movie in 2006 . Both Brother bear movies was fantastic i cried in several parts. The music was Alwesome.. They need more part to this movie. Brother bear 1 was fantastic.. Can't wait till another one comes out. Fanstic Job to the writers,cast,crew,music composers!!!! Fantastic Job Disney!! The Graphics and the music makes you feel like your there in the story with them. You feel the heart felt of the animals.I recommend all family's to buy or rent the movies for their family's with children,It teaches them to respect,honor and cherish family values. Teaches them what life should be with respect and love.Strongly recommend a great movie. You will feel the music in every part of the movie.
It works, but just bearly.
Let me just make this clear from the start: I love the original Brother Bear, but as a rule I despise direct-to-video sequels (there are exceptions though). To put it simply... I went into this not expecting much, but I wished I was wrong. And I'll warn you... if you don't like being sequels being reviewed solely compared to the original, you probably won't like my review.

Story: I've read reviews saying that the original's basic story was copied from other movies... I never saw that. This, however, is your general "we think there's a writers strike on right now" copied story. Not a blatant rip-off of anything in particular, but its been done before.

Writing: To be honest, this probably disappointed me the most. While the original was deep and meaningful (or at least as can be for whats supposed to be a kids movie), this relies on a lot of cheap humour, particularly at the start. It levels off, but it never reaches the quality what was in the original. I'm probably one of the few who don't like Rutt and Tuke, although they didn't seem as bad this time around (probably because they had less time on screen and more to do, so less time to waste).

Art/Animation: This was probably the part which disappointed me the least. While it's more than adequate (its pretty good) it just doesn't have the same flair as the original did (or some of the fancier effects). Other than that, no major complaints.

Acting: With most of the returning characters are voiced by their original actors, Kenai's recasting stands out. Don't get me wrong, its not too bad... it's just not the same. Everyone else does a decent job though.

Music: Obviously no Phil Collins music this time around. I'm not quite sure who does the music in this (nobody immediately recognisable) and while the music is appropriate and fits in well, there's nothing memorable like "No Way Out" was for me.

Closing comments: It might not sound like much, but this movie ends up to be more than the sum of its parts (not much though). I don't accept it as a sequel up to the standards of the original Brother Bear, by its own merits, it's a decent movie. I do think it's worth buying, but I'd have no problem recommending it as a rental (especially if you're a fan of the original). Just don't go in expecting too much, and you won't be disappointed.
Excellent family film especially with young children
Disney outperformed itself in this sequel to "Brother Bear".

Most sequels for movies for family viewing usually lack in most departments, but Disney really put the effort into this one.

While the other "User Comment" covers the story line it missed in extolling the virtues of the movie. Some "Brother Bear 2" finer points are:

1. A solid first rate script for a family sequel--bonus points here.

2. A first rate song selection with two new songs from Melissa Etheridge. Her two songs, "Just Feels Like Home" and "It will be Me" are excellent. "It will be Me" is my favorite, and now one or my all time favorites due to its guitar/orchestral music and touching lyrics.

3. The return of the original cast--continuity is important for children. (Many actors deplore 'going back' and covering old ground--actors should consider the benefits and character-building these young minds derive from the casts's continued efforts in such sequels.)

4. The simple illustration of friendship, loyalty, and self-sacrifice--the storyline easily shows the family the importance of keeping these qualities.

If Disney writes another sequel on this Brother Bear theme and keeps the same higher quality, they should find it as well received and loved. While older kids may find the Brother Bear series story lines a bit slow to build, the younger children enjoy its pace, score, storyline, and characters. Brother Bear 2 is very "age appropriate" for their 'under' 8-year-old developing minds.

My young son loves both "Brother Bear" and "Brother Bear 2" as much as other age appropriate animated movies for the younger children such as "Cars", "Ice Age", & "Monster's Inc".

"Brother Bear 2" is a solid '9 out of 10' for its hitting the mark for the family with younger children.
Better than most sequels, but...
I'm not sure why I expected a great sequel, given Disney's recent track record with sequels. I will admit, however, that this one was better than I anticipated.

The first problem was that the original was just too much to compete with. Sequels are always judged based on the original film, and I am convinced that no sequel could compare to the original Brother Bear. The message of love conquering all boundaries was heartfelt and a positive moral for kids who have watched this movie. I has hoped for more comic lines than such a serious feeling sequence of events.

Let's face it: from the very first, we all knew that Nita would choose to become a bear. It was obvious: it's Disney's trademark ending (well, except for the bear part, but the rest is pretty traditional of the movies). Koda, I felt, got fewer and less funny lines than he deserved. Nita was spirited and had an appropriate element of conflict (her fear of water).

One of my biggest issues was Wanda Sykes. I have no problem with her as a comedian, and even as the voice of the skunk in "Over the Hedge", but I felt that another voice option would have served better use for the "sha-woman".

Recently, I heard from a friend that Disney was considering an animated series for the Brother Bear movies. I haven't been able to confirm if that's true, but if it is, I have to wonder if the movie will survive.
Above average sequel to a beautiful first film
I will admit I was not sure whether I wanted to see this sequel. I am not saying that all Disney sequels are terrible, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Rescuers Down Under, Simbas's Pride, Enchanted Christmas and Bambi 2 were surprisingly good. However, Cinderella 2 and Jungle Book 2 were below par; both had average animation and a decent voice cast but everything else ranged from mediocre to poor, Cinderella 2 in the music and Jungle Book 2 in the plot.

What were my thoughts on Brother Bear 2 exactly? Well I was surprised. This sequel is above average, and you know what that is quite an achievement. Why do I say that? Well, the first Brother Bear has to be hard to beat in terms of quality. Like another Disney film like Pocahontas, it was visually stunning and I thought the music was awesome. Plus I found the characters engaging and the story heart warming. In fact, despite the flaws the first Brother Bear had, it is beautiful and very underrated.

Back on track, this sequel is inferior in quality to its original, but I admit I wasn't expecting otherwise. The story is a little thin on the ground, and not as well written and heart warming as the one in the first film. Also while there is some humour with the two Moose, the writing isn't quite as inspired. My next problem applies to a lot of the sequels come and gone, it is too short so there isn't quite enough character development.

That said though, a lot does compensate. Well for one thing, the animation is very nicely done. True it isn't as gorgeous or as detailed as the original's animation, but like Bambi 2, Ariel's Beginning and Cinderella 3 it's style is fluid and it is colourful. Some of the beginning scenes especially were like looking at a watercolour painting. Also the soundtrack is very nice, maybe not as catchy as Phil Collin's lively and fun one, that is good as the one he did for Tarzan, but the theme song is beautiful and very memorable. The characters are still likable, if we forgive the fact that Koda isn't quite as adorable anymore, and Nita reminds me in terms of looks of Mulan. And the voice acting is good, Patrick Dempsey is above decent as Kenai, but I do think Joaquin Pheonix put more heart and spirit into the character, and Mandy Moore is surprisingly emotive as Nita. Then like the original, there is some nice messaging.

All in all, not the best sequel there is, but it is above average and definitely worth the look. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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