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Brawl in Cell Block 99
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
S. Craig Zahler
Vince Vaughn as Bradley Thomas
Dan Amboyer as Longman
Geno Segers as Roman
Michael Medeiros as Mismatched Eyes
Rob Morgan as Jeremy
Fred Melamed as Mr. Irving
Pooja Kumar as Denise Pawther
Clark Johnson as Detective Watkins
Tom Guiry as Wilson
Don Johnson as Warden Tuggs
Udo Kier as Placid Man
Jennifer Carpenter as Lauren Thomas
Storyline: A former boxer-turned-drug runner lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets deadly.
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Best film of the year
Vince Vaughn? Romantic comedy? No!

Brawl in cell block 99 is part of the new generation of films, such as The Revenant, and The Handmaiden. In this unique film we get to see Vince Vaughn, the Steven Seagal of romantic comedies, in an entirely different role than what he is usually seen in. Vaughn plays Bradley Thomas, an honest worker who has just been laid off and turns to his old colleagues in the drug business to support his wife with the much needed income. Thomas is not your ordinary thug who acts on instinct and kills on command, he is a patriot who will work for his money and do anything for his wife, including facing the consequence of being a drug dealer.

What makes this film special is not only the fantastic dialogue - similar to that of Clint Eastwood's or Quentin Tarantino's movies, but the fact that we get to see what happens to an honest man in today's American penitentiary system.

For those of you who are not satisfied with watching Michael Bay blow up another jeep, this is the movie for you.
In a way Horrible but Brilliant
What a horrible movie but boy did I enjoy it, and I mean horrible in a good way. I watched this movie nearly as an afterthought. I was not expecting much but I like Vince Vaughn so thought I'd give it a look and boy was I glad, thoroughly enjoyed it. It started off a bit slow and even though some of it was a bit TOT it was fairly believable, a guy down on his luck with typical problems. Then the pace picks up and Vince Vaughn is brilliant. There are not many actors that can carry a movie but Vince is certainly one of them. His stature is perfect for the acting we see and to make it somewhat believable but the violence is way out there. I wont say too much about the plot or what happens but suffice to say if your a fan of Vince its a must see and even if you just like movies do yourself a favour and watch it. It is one of the better movies I have watched this year, one of those movies that leaves you thinking the following day.
Absolutely laughable
I went into this movie with pretty low expectations, but I said I'd watch it with my boyfriend. He's a far more lenient and understanding film critic than I am, and he actually apologised for asking me to watch it! I like the concept of the film - the storyline has real potential, but from the moment Vaughan's character starts getting himself into deep trouble, knowing that his beloved pregnant wife is at home, things get real silly. He seems to have decided at some point that his existence in their lives wasn't necessary, or that he wasn't necessary, and the rest of the movie basically plays out with reckless abandon.

The special effects are TERRIBLE - I'm pretty sure most of the fight scenes with brutal violence actually showed rubber masks. And I mean bad, obviously rubber mask rubber masks. I found myself laughing and shaking my head a lot.

The characters seem shallow and temporary to me. I couldn't really care about any of them, and even the relationship between Vaughan and Carpenter's character was either too volatile and cold or too clichéd and sappy for me to invest in.

I know that Zahler's first film "Bone Tomohawk" is known for showing some really strong violence and gore, but in this film it was just a poor attempt at B grade-esque visuals, so there was literally nothing there for me. It's one of those movies that I feel was actually a waste of time.
Ready to rumble
This review of Brawl in Cell Block 99 is spoiler free

**** (4/5)

HAVE YOU EVER seen the usually dry-witted comedian Vince Vaughn beat up a car with bare fists? Or break another man's arm by bending it backwards? Or maybe scrape the skin off a man's skull using his feet? Then writer-director S. Craig Zahler's grisly second feature Brawl in Cell Block 99 will show a completely different side to him, different to his other dramatic spates in Hacksaw Ridge or True Detective, here he shoots mercenaries, hauls drugs and rambles up prison inmates.

Meet Bradley Thomas (not Brad, as he continually corrects people) a recovering alcoholic, who is laid off from his job and when he discovers his wife, Lauren (Jennifer Carpenter) has been cheating on him he resolves to punching a car with his bare hands then he returns to her to hopefully repair his marriage and employment situation. We shift to 18 months later, she's pregnant, and he's working as a successful drug runner. Until a deal goes badly wrong he's hurt and gets convicted to a few years in prison. When trouble sprouts he's transferred to the most vicious prison under the supervision of Don Johnson's Warden Tuggs, a man who won't take any trouble. Travelling deep underground to a dank prison cell and the only way to access it is by a thin stairwell.

Plot-wise the film is Bronson, Vaughn is clearly at home here playing a very convincing prisoner, a shaved head showing a prominent scalp tattoo, he shows training "are those muscles for show?" a guard asks him , he's covered in bruises. The man who we used to know for appearing in light-hearted comedies is nowhere to be seen, yet somehow still present "that's real funny" the guards say when he cracks a joke or tries to be smart. And thanks to Zahler's incredible scripting this is a performance to watch.

Much like his grisly debut Bone Tomahawk, Zahler takes his time with the characters, developing the story around them to make them as complex as possible. With that and the editing it's quite a while before the film resembles its title, Zahler doesn't employ any fast cuts through his action scenes instead he's willing to plant his camera in a room and let his actors get on with it. Though it's not always an easy watch there are moments where you may look away where Vaughn will bend a man's arm backwards so the bone sticks out, or he crushes a man's skull and the bones fall out, he even decapitates a man using nothing but hole in the ground. Yet Zahler's directing keeps it thrilling and always tight. And as a physical presence Vaughn is an actor who can handle the action, the dramatic spates of his complex character and the intimidating face he pulls, at 47 years-old he's suddenly an actor to watch.

VERDICT Brutal, tight, dark and compelling Brawl in Cell Block 99 is everything a modern prison brawler should be, coming complete with a career-best performance by Vaughn.
No fancy hip stuff here! Vince Vaughn is a bad man?!
Let me just start by obliterating any negative short sighted comments that this movie was anything but great.

Vince Vaughn has emerged from his cocoon as the witty, fast talking sometimes obnoxious chatterbox we all know from Swingers and Wedding Crashers. To a hushed and calm but extremely dangerous man walking a path scattered with victims who were unfortunate enough to step in his way. Truly displaying his talents and laying to rest any possible question of his diversity.

As for Zahler, I will now be on the lookout for anything with his name attached to it. The story line is 100% believable and makes you feel for the characters, not to mention the VIOLENCE will leave you unable to look away with the totally BRUTAL yet pretty realistic grind house style pummeling. Now when I say violent, I mean holy s*** that was was insane!

The whole experience was worthy of awe, from start to finish it was a perfect build that steadily takes you without bouncing up and down or back and forth. No soundtrack, no CGI, no unrealistic 1000 bullet hand guns or gigantic explosions. Just a really good movie.

Its a much watch people!

Its a much watch.
One of the mos violent and graphic films I have ever seen
Let's get this out of the way; I love gory and violent films. Movies like Taxi Driver and Martyrs are the reason why I am such an ardent fan of cinema. Violent and graphic films don't bother me too much, but this movie, this wonderful film, made me cringe more than one time, and actually made me throw my hands in the back of head in disbelief. "Did he just stomp some guys face into the pavement? Did he break that dues arm, and did they show it in graphic detail?" If you want the answers to those questions to be YES! and YES!, then this movie will be right up your alley.

It follows the same basic formula as BONE TOMAHAWK, the Director's previous film (which is a favorite), and the film has a similar structure; Meet the characters, see them as they live their lives, and then when the audience is settled in and doesn't expect anything, hit them with the blood and exploded heads. I haven't had this much fun watching an American film in a long time.

If you love graphic violence and unmitigated gore, then this movie just might be one of your favorite releases of the year. The acting is superb, the script is nuanced and often very comical, and the cinematography is top notch. The director, however, made this violent film a thing of beauty, and he has gained a life long fan in me. I cannot sing enough praises for this movie. It deserves all of the success it can get.
AWFUL is as AWFUL does
It's one of those films, it's so bad you actually have to watch it until the end just to see how low it can stoop. I've no idea who the Director is, but I can only hope he turns his hand to painting and decorating in the future. I downloaded it from the Torrent, so at least I didn't waste £20 on paying to watch this utter tripe!
led astray by other reviews?
too many holes to be good really, too convenient. watchable in that i watched the whole movie, but as it progressed i became more and more puzzled by the abundance of high rated reviews. trying to avoid spoilers, i applaud the style, the cornerstones of the plot, but really? it misses for mine, nice idea that just does not quite come off. perhaps i am de-sensitised also, but not too violent. the fight scenes could use better construction (not that i can fight, i just mean my impression) anyway. good on you vince. different, i think a missed opportunity.
With more music and a black lead, this would fit right in with classic Blaxploitation prison films like Penitentiary.

Vince Vaughn as a bad ass? Who'd thunk it? All these years, he could have been an action hero.

With the right script, every decent actor can get a new lease on life a la Liam Neeson in Taken.
Thought it was some kind of send up...
I didn't even know that the main character was Vince Vaughn until I came here to write a review! The first few lines of diologue screamed B-Movie at me, so I just assumed it looked a bit like him... so he's broke, right? To illustrate how touch-and-go this movie is, there was a scene with Christian Rock blaring in Vaughn's car when he was doing a drug deal, and I thought it was going to be one of those religious conversion movies, you know the type - financed by a parish collection plate from a small church. So I kept watching for the lols.

If you listen to this movie without watching, (as I did when I had to rest my eyes from the gaudiness of the set) and you can't tap into how wooden, corny and ridiculous the dialogue is, then you are probably under 16 years of age. This is dialogue by numbers, written by someone who can't count, for people who don't want to.

But oh, if you actually watch the movie, everything, the set design right down to the effing sound effects, then you really get a sense of how utterly misguided this madness is.

Look, I am not out to rain on anyone's parade, I am just totally miffed at how this movie can get a 7.6 on IMDb. Maybe the movie industry is employing troll factories now as well.

Watch only for the agony.
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