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Blow a Kiss
Crime, Action
IMDB rating:
Brett William Mauser
Elizabeth Gribbon McCullough as Girl blowing magic dust
Ernest Martinez as Marcus Mitchell
Jenna Geyman as Tori
Marc Daratt as Stan
Karen Roberge as Janet
Mike McCullough as Band Member
Jay LaFarr as Tie Dye Guy
Dane Berkshire as Joy Malone
Cassandra Tutor as Samantha
Jake Jecmenek as Bouncer / Serial Rabbit
Nina Laskowski as Lesley
Storyline: A woman down on her luck stumbles into a bar run my a local meth dealer and finds herself accepting an offer that will change her life for the worse.
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Woman gets talking to people in a deserted bar and agrees to do something crazy for a sum of money. But all is not as it seems.
Only gave this film 2 stars for the actress who plays the lead because she was reasonable in an otherwise bad film. I don't mind low budget but this is not good at all. I expected to be entertained but I was bored and really do not recommend Blow A Kiss to anybody. On the plus side, 'Joy' has wonderful hair which someone should get credit for.
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