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Batman: Year One
Crime, Action, Animation
IMDB rating:
Sam Liu, Lauren Montgomery
Roark Critchlow as Hare Krishna (voice)
Michael Gough as Driver (voice)
Robin Atkin Downes as Harvey Dent (voice)
Keith Ferguson as Jefferson Skeevers (voice)
Danny Jacobs as Flass' Attorney (voice)
Grey DeLisle as Barbara Gordon / Vicki Vale (voice)
Jon Polito as Commissioner Loeb (voice)
Alex Rocco as Carmine Falcone (voice)
Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon (voice)
Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle / Catwoman (voice)
Ben McKenzie as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Jeff Bennett as Alfred Pennyworth / Falcone Guest (voice)
Katee Sackhoff as Detective Sarah Essen (voice)
Steve Blum as Stan / News Anchor (voice)
Storyline: Two men come to Gotham City: Bruce Wayne after years abroad feeding his lifelong obsession for justice and Jim Gordon after being too honest a cop with the wrong people elsewhere. After learning painful lessons about the city's corruption on its streets and police department respectively, this pair learn how to fight back their own way. With that, Gotham's evildoers from top to bottom are terrorized by the mysterious Batman and the equally heroic Gordon is assigned to catch him by comrades who both hate and fear him themselves. In the ensuing manhunt, both find much in common as the seeds of an unexpected friendship are laid with additional friends and rivals helping to start the legend.
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Should be called 'Gordon'
'Batman: Year one' was an enjoyable Batman animation. It wasn't my favourite one I have seen but it was still good in its own way.

For me, this one seemed more about Gordon rather than Batman (I probably should have read the description before watching it and I would have realised).

The animation looked great, one of the better animations I have seen in that sense. There was only a few fight scenes (which were good) but I just wanted more. I wanted to see the Batmobile and stuff like that. Also Catwoman was kinda just there, what was she doing? I'll admit I haven't read any Batman comics for years and have only just started watching a few of the animated films, maybe that's why I didn't like this one so much. Overall it was still good but just not as good as other ones I have seen.

You're better off reading the comic instead of watching this.
During a trip to a comic shop a few weeks ago, I was told that B:YO (Batman: Year One) was good and faithful to the comic. I never read the comic and after seeing the movie, if indeed it was as faithful as the comic shop owner said, then I have no desire to read it. I do have Batman: The Long Halloween and I'm still currently reading that. Halfway through with it now. I was told it's like a sequel to B:YO and it definitely comes across that way. It's described as cinematic. I can vouch for that. Nolan and Goyer said they were inspired by it for The Dark Knight movie (and parts of Batman Begins from the looks of things). That's also very highly evident. While The Long Halloween seemingly has more visible influence in media, it never would have happened without B:YO.

The movie is pretty slow and characterizations are flawed. Take Bruce Wayne for instance. They show him punching through a pile of bricks and kicking down a tree. Fast forward to a street fight with Selina Kyle (before she became Catwoman). They gave her a Wonder Woman physique but no one would ever put her in any strength class high enough to kick down a tree. And she went toe-to-toe with Bruce. If his punches are strong enough to smash bricks to pieces, shouldn't he have been able to handle himself with her with just one hit? The real flaw here is overpowering Bruce who has no superpowers. No normal guy anywhere is gonna kick down a tree the way they showed it here unless he wants a compound fracture.

I do like how Selina was portrayed. It's as if it was also her Year One where she was trying to make a name for herself and carve out her own distinct identity apart from Batman. When the news described her as an assistant to Batman, despite her efforts, her reaction was pretty funny considering the tone of the movie. I'd keep that as a running gag for a while. I'd also show her as a sane crazy cat lady if that makes sense and use that for other characters to ridicule her. Being that she is who she is, you know what her reaction would be. And just like Batman can summon bats, I'd make it so she could summon cats. One thing I did get from this is the potential in the Catwoman character that's just never been explored in such a way to my knowledge.

They make Commissioner Gordon a hard character to like because he cheated on his wife. He has all these good intentions, is a cop that's not on the take, incorruptible, and a real stand-up guy devoted to his job and justice but it turns out he's unfaithful and not much better than the criminals he's after. He eventually comes clean to his wife but a cheater is a cheater. Even if she was able to forgive him, as a viewer, for me, the damage was done. I simply don't support infidelity in any way, fictional or not. Other than that, they did a good job showing what type of cop he is without the use of Family Guy flashback.

Other characters in the movie, particularly "The Roman," don't play a very large role here but do play a very significant role in The Long Halloween. If you've read the original Year One comic and saw this movie and liked both, I'd suggest reading that. They should've called it Year Two because that's how it reads. From a purely entertainment perspective, this movie doesn't do much. It's almost like they took panels directly from the comic and used them here. The voice acting wasn't great. Mostly monotone. The colors were dull to fit the mood and tone of the story. The whole thing felt very noirish, just like Year Two. That's not a bad thing because Batman is the type of character you can tell a lot of different stories with but if you've read the comic, you'd be wasting your time watching this movie.

The main problem, besides no Kevin Conroy, is it's an adaptation. I'm sure comics fans love these things but I personally don't. If you're gonna use the animation medium, give me something completely original. Borrow concepts from the source material but don't copy it outright. I want something new. The weekly cartoons are a perfect example of what I'm talking about. These direct-to-video features need to provide original and truly cinematic experiences to justify anyone giving them the time of day if they're gonna pay money for it. The comic is already plotted, drawn, storyboarded, colored, written, and everything else. This may as well have been a motion comic which probably would have been more appropriate.

This movie deals with the introduction of Gordon, Selina, and Batman. Catwoman gets a bit part. Gordon is dealing with a crooked police force. Batman is dealing with a crime-infested city. Everyone is dealing with this new vigilante who's appeared out of nowhere to clean up the streets. This is aptly titled Year One because Bruce does make a lot of mistakes that you know he'd never do now. Remember the bat swarm from Batman Begins? Looks like that came from here. I'm sure the book is a wonderful read but in my opinion, it doesn't translate well on screen in animated form. The live-action movies have done these concepts much better justice because so much was used from the comics. The similarities are very much there, without question. If you choose to watch this or read the comics, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. This just wasn't anywhere near entertaining enough for me. Stick with the original comics or live-action movies to get a better effect.
Batman: Year One
Batman: Year One is a 2011 animated film starring Ben Mckenzie as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon. I liked the voices and the i like that the film follows the comic piece by piece but there are 2 things i didn't like Selina Kyle with short hair? yeah no and Gordon having an affair? well nope. Besides that this i a very well made animation with great action and suspense but also it builds Batman's character from the start it was really great to see that scene where the Bat breaks the window and stairs at Bruce and he gets the idea to dress up as a Bat. The DVD also has a DC Showcase with Catwoman and well it's pretty hot to say the truth much better than she looks in the actual movie.
Batman: Year One
Batman: Year One is an excellent interpretation of the cult graphic novel. It feels the same as the comic and you will be interested again in the first year as Batman of the world's greatest detective. Commissioner James Gordon's issues in his first year on the job in Gotham will really grab you by the throat. Bruce Wayne, returning to Gotham after a long exile, is troubled by feelings of responsibility, guilt and grief before he chooses to become Batman. This transformation takes place very organically and Bruce Wayne's trauma's aren't forced- or cheesy-feeling. The movie will also give you a first glimpse of Selina Kyle's transformation into catwoman. The Raw nature of her passages are done really good and you even get a sense of her origin story. (I recommend the graphic novel Catwoman - Her Sister's keeper to those interested in the complete origin story of Catwoman).

I can recommend the flick to everyone that ever read a Batman book or watched a Batman movie - and even if you haven't, this is the perfect place to start.

Excellent Movie...Fantastic depiction of Frank Miller's graphic novel
Don't let the few poor reviews hinder you from watching this movie, they were clearly written by people who have never read Frank Miller's Batman: Year One or followed the Batman universe closely...

**Possible Spoilers** for instance, Jim Gordon's wife has always been named Barbara except for when he was later married to Det. Essen, and Miller added that he is a special forces veteran who is capable in hand-to-hand combat, thus explaining his fighting ability. As far as Gordon hunting Batman, had this person actually watched the whole movie, they would have seen the shift between Gordon hunting Batman to the traditional Gordon/Batman relationship...

Excellent job from WB and as long as Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett & crew have their fingers in the mix, Batman will continue to be amazing. If you are a fan of Batman, there is no reason not to love this movie, and if you enjoyed Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, guess what it was basically based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One, Nolan was reported to always have a copy of the graphic novel with him on set. Having thoroughly enjoyed the graphic novel and Nolan's film, I can easily say they felt the same, which is very much a good thing...Everyone should buy this DVD so hopefully WB will continue to put these films out. I for one would love to see someone pick these up as some sort of series, a new movie every couple months, Batman: Year Two and so on, I think it would be really awesome to see the progression of all the characters and the emergence of all the villains.

**Also check out Batman: Under the Red Hood, another amazing animated movie from WB, Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett & crew**
Solid adaptation of classic comic book
"Batman: Year One" is a direct-to-video animated film adapted from the graphic novel written by Frank Miller and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli with Richmond Lewis. The animated version of "Batman: Year One" is entirely faithful to Frank Miller's original comic book story to the point that differences are almost negligible. Only two minor scenes are missing and nothing is depicted out of order from the original. Some scenes are shortened and some are lengthened for the needs of telling a story on film, but everything that happens in the comic happens in the movie. A few minor scenes are also added. Be aware that this is not really a movie for children – some sexual situations and violence from the original comic book also appear here.

It is not expressed explicitly during the film, but it is likely that this film is set in the 1986/1987 (which was the time when the comic was published). The story follows the first year of Bruce Wayne's time as Batman. This is pretty much an origins story . The focus is very much on the parallel fates of Gordon and Wayne and the roots of their working relationship.

This is a dark , gritty and realistic vision of Batman. There are no costumed villains here (which many will find disappointing). Both Gordon and Batman have to fight against the mob and corrupted police. This is actually more of a Jim Gordon's story . His moral dilemmas feels real and overall it's very easy to care for him. On the other side the movie kinda fails to bring the same emotional connection for Bruce Wayne. I did cared for Wayne/Batman , but his emotional pain seems flat compared to the problems that Gordon is having.

This plot gives the film an accessible and realistic feel. Gotham city looks ordinary and there are no super gadgets here. Batman makes mistakes and he can be hurt very easily. There are some bad things here. Some of the important lines of dialogue were cut , the ones which explained main characters motivations . The final sequence with some supernatural free- running is kinda cheesy . The biggest problem here is however the subplot with Selina Kyle . The movie just like the original graphic novel doesn't really do anything with her. The subplot of her becoming Catwoman feels rushed. She really adds nothing film to advance the plot.

Bryan Cranston as detective James Gordon is simply great. There is a lot of subtle emotions hidden in the words he says. I admit that I was disappointed with Ben McKenzie's voice over as Batman/Bruce Wayne. His performance felt wooden and uninspired for me. The supporting cast is solid , especially Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle/Catwoman , Katee Sackhoff as Sarah Essen and Fred Tatasciore as the corrupt Flass.

Overall , this is a solid and enjoyable movie that works as a tribute to one of the best graphic novels made. There are a few scenes and ideas that appear in "Batman: Year One" that also appear in Christopher Nolan's great "Batman Begins" (which was inspired heavily by "BYO"). If you liked Nolan's take on Batman , you should like this one too. I give it 7/10.
I believe that this movie will satisfy both fans of the DC animated shorts and will wet the appetite of eager Bat fans getting excited for this summer's The Dark Knight Rises.
Batman Year One is the latest installment of DC's short animated films that they release roughly three times a year. Year One is an adaption of the famous comic series of the same name that rebooted the Batman story in 1987. Because of the importance of the comic and the obvious iconic status it holds, DC decides to stick to a very loyal adaption of the tale. Because of this the movie has many hurdles to jump through as it it wrestles with itself as a film and an adaption. The story still holds the story of both Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as they both arrive in Gotham City at the same time and both attempt to clean up the streets in their own respective ways. Can this movie work as both a film and adaption or will it fail to do both while in the process?

Check out the rest of my review: http://wp.me/p1tyJd-6z
"Even scum have families."
Animated version of the classic Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli comic book story about the beginning of Batman's career as a crimefighter and Jim Gordon's career with the Gotham Police Department. It's a pretty faithful adaptation with minimal changes. For the most part I liked it but I did have some problems. For starters, the animation is unremarkable. I applaud them for using comic stories as source material because there's a lot of gold to mine there and Hollywood has shown that, when screenwriters are left to their own devices, they come up with some pretty shitty stuff for these characters. That being said, adapting a comic book into a cartoon brings with it the natural comparison of the art styles. Mazzucchelli's artwork is just amazing so you would think/hope that they would try to add the same level of creativity to the animation. But, no, it's just your basic DCAU cookie cutter 'house style.' It's disappointing if you admired the art in the comics. Also, the voicework is full of face actors not great voice actors. Kevin Conroy and Bob Hastings are missed. Ben McKenzie, who does the voice of Bruce Wayne here (unimpressively), goes on to play Jim Gordon in the similar "Gotham" TV series. Finally, the story seems a bit rushed. The comic story took place over four issues but adapting that into a film you have to take into account the different pacing of the two mediums. The buildup here is kind of limp for such an iconic story. Still, the source material is so good that they could only mess it up so much. It's an enjoyable animated movie. Not as great as it should have been but very watchable.
Faithful adaptation of a great graphic novel
I have always loved batman year one, maybe even more so than the dark knight returns. I liked how it was more about the city and the corrupt police force and it focused more on Jim Gordon than batman, it was about how batman affected other peoples lives. This animated feature based off of the iconic frank miller story line follows the graphic novel very closely and is animated very smoothly and very well and has some excellent voice work by Bryan Cranston of breaking bad and the 2014 Godzilla movie, i think he was the perfect choice for Jim Gordon. It is very interesting seeing Jim Gordon deal with this corrupt city and police force. It is very well paced, i wasn't bored at all while watching it. I highly recommend watching this animated feature because i enjoyed it a lot and found it to be a great adaptation of one of my favorite batman story lines
True to the source, and done amazingly well!
I was more reserved than most to see this movie. As a huge fan of Frank Millers comic for a long time i was worried how it would be transferred to the screen, but boy was i wrong. I feel embarrassed it has taken me this long to watch this movie, this was Batman at his animated best.

The main reason i thought the film would struggle to do justice to the comic is, as anyone who has read the comics will know, Its a much darker, grittier version of batman and after recently watching under the red hood, which i enjoyed, it doesn't have that dark edge that i see in Batman. However the same cannot be said for this movie. It was like the pages of the comic were been lifted to the screen and coming to life before my eyes! its the closest adaptation of paper to screen you will ever see.

The animation is done to a high standard, smooth and more colour than i had originally expected. The action sequences are particularly impressive without giving the viewer too much to concentrate on. its a well written script by Tab Murphy, although much of that credit has to go to Frank Miller as a lot of the dialogue is VERY similar to the source.

The only let down for me was the voice casting. Bryan Cranston put in a solid effort as Jim Gordon but unfortunately Ben McKenzie did not do such a good job, he just doesn't have that grittiness i feel batman needed in this film more than any other. Such a shame they didn't use Kevin Conroy as i'm sure most fans will tell you, he is the voice of Batman.

Overall, a really really good effort. Worth spending your hard earned money on, but definitely not one too see with the kids!
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