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Bad Match
USA, Singapore
IMDB rating:
David Chirchirillo
Noureen DeWulf as Terri Webster
Pablo Ramos as Library Patron
Talisa Friedman as Christina
Kahyun Kim as Lydia
John Elefantis as Career Alcoholic
Cynthia Rose Hall as Detective Rich
Lili Simmons as Riley
Brent Alan Henry as Security Guard
Trent Haaga as Detective Dean
Brandon Scott as Chuck
Eric Podnar as Brett
Storyline: An internet-dating playboy's life spirals out of control after meeting a woman online.
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Just Doesn't Have the Legs for a 90 Minute Feature
I say the same thing about a lot of movies made today. Had this been a 60 minute made-for-TV project or a Netflix thing it would have been OK. Even if it's a direct-to-DVD release the 90 minute runtime isn't warranted.

Lilli Simmons is totally hot as the femme fatale or whatever she is, the mistaken femme fatale. Why she would go after a millennial dipstick like the one in the movie is way beyond my powers of comprehension but I suppose that's the way the world is for young women today.

Cut out 30 minutes and you have a 7 star film.
Not for me
The Tinder Era has begun, which makes life way more easy for playboys like Harris (I think that was the name). Harris just wants to have a nightstand with pretty much all the girls who are willing to accept him in their beds. Unfortunately for our playboy, one girl wants more than what he has to offer and that seems to destroy his perfect life.

First of all, I did not like this movie at all. Why not? the acting was awful, the only decent performance was from Lili Simmons (Riley).

The characters weren't deep enough, I don't remember any names except for Riley and Harris, although I'm not even sure about the latter.

The plot was really weak, and the climax (last minutes) was a joke. I think this would work as a comedy though.

Definitely not for me or for those who like thrillers or suspense.
Like "Fatal Attraction" with a whole new twisted ending!
No Oscar winner acting, but not bad. A few holes in the plot, but the buildup to the end made it all worthwhile. I was totally shocked by the ending. Good Fatal attraction type story with a twist in why people shouldn't play with peoples lives and emotions and the cost of unbridled revenge.
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