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An Extremely Goofy Movie
USA, Australia
Comedy, Family, Animation, Sport
IMDB rating:
Douglas McCarthy
Bill Farmer as Goofy
Jason Marsden as Max Goof
Jeff Bennett as Chuck the Sportscaster
Jim Cummings as Sorteper
Brad Garrett as Tank (voice)
Vicki Lewis as Beret Girl in Cafe (voice)
Bebe Neuwirth as Sylvia Marpole: the Head College Librarian (voice)
Rob Paulsen as P.J. Pete
Pauly Shore as Bobby Zimmeruski
Cree Summer as Co-Ed (girl at club) (voice) (as Cree Summer-Francks)
Kath Soucie as Co-Ed (voice)
Paddi Edwards as Receptionist at Office (voice)
Storyline: It's a big time in Max's life. He's college bound with his friends and finally free of his embarrassing father as he strives to be a top contender for the X-Games. Unfortunately, Goofy loses his job and learns that he cannot get another job without a college degree. To his son's mortification, Goofy decides to join him in his campus to get that degree. Desperate to distract his father, Max talks him into joining the competing Gamma Fraternity team and introduces him to a wonderful librarian who shares his nostalgic love for 1970's pastimes. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan as events put this father-son relationship to the test.
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It loses the magic of 'a Goofy Movie'
I bought this movie hoping it would be at least as good as the original, and I was let down. There were so many changes from the original.

First Goofy does not work at the supermarket anymore, which does not coincide with him going to school to get a degree since he was already was able to get a new job with out a degree. Second the music, in 'a Goofy Movie' the characters sang the music witch gave it a nice touch, but in this movie this is no one singing its all background music. Third at the end of 'a Goofy Movie' we saw Max starting to hang out with his dad and he was not ashamed of Goofy anymore. Then in this movie Max is again ashamed to be Goofy's son, which was basically the same storyline as 'a Goofy Movie', which disvalues 'a Goofy movie'. Last and most importantly where's Roxanne? Roxanne was the main storyline and the love of Max's life in 'a Goofy movie'. I refuse to beleive that they broke up especially after what Max went threw to impress her. Even though there was a Roxanne look-alike that never talked in the movie.

This movie left me with the feeling of why did I watch part one (a goofy Movie) since this destroyed every good thing that came out of it.
Bland and disappointing, but it has its moments
I really liked A Goofy Movie, it is not my favourite Disney movie, but it was charming, funny and touching with some great music and a sweet story. An Extremely Goofy Movie does have its moments, but while A Goofy Movie is very good in my book, this is just so-so.

The voice acting is very well done though, both Bill Farmer and Jason Marsden capture Goofy and Max perfectly. Plus Goofy provides the most amusing moments, but he isn't as funny admittedly here. The animation is good enough, it is colourful and at least tolerable to look at. The film also moves at a good pace, while the soundtrack while not as catchy or as touching is worth the listen.

However, An Extremely Goofy Movie lacks the heart and magic of A Goofy Movie. The film is too short I think, so some relationships and the story and script are not as well thought out this time around. Goofy and Max's relationship here is very awkward and sometimes uncomfortable to watch, I actually felt sorry for Goofy more than I did for Max which didn't happen in A Goofy Movie, then I cared for them both. The absence of Roxann is notable too, that was a pivotal point of A Goofy Movie and what made it so heart-warming and realistic. While I liked Goofy, I actually felt somewhat indifferent towards Max. He is not as easy to relate to and he was a bit of a bore. Also there were numerous points in the movie where I got really frustrated with him.

The other characters I cared little for either. They are either underdeveloped or fall into the stereotypical category. The story is a let down here, it is predictable and rather ordinary with a number of disconnected moments. And like others have said, this movie feels very contradictory in comparison, not just with Roxann but I don't think I ever saw Max behave the way he did here. The writing and humour are also not as strong. The humour does have its amusing moments, such as Max's shocked reaction in one scene and a few parts to do with Goofy, but it is not enough. When it does happen, it is never more than amusing, and at worst some parts come across as rather mean-spirited.

All in all, a bland and disappointing follow-up to a very enjoyable film. 5/10 Bethany Cox
If you're looking for something as good as or better than "A Goofy Movie," do the shuffle away from this movie.

On its own, this movie is not that bad... its main problem is you have to throw out "A Goofy Movie," or nothing makes any sense. Everything that occurred in the first, and better, movie apparently never happened.

"Extremely" is good as above average, typical kids' fare. Children of the 70's will probably enjoy it more than their kids due to the cultural references of the time, and, that's where most of this film's charm lies. Sadly, this is also its biggest blow against it.

The first film was a wonderfully balanced essay. The father was totally typically clueless parent, and son wasn't totally typically self absorbed and therefore always correct in his own conceit. Like in real life, a gray area exists, and it's reached and that conclusion is reached by both. "Extremely" not only does not delve into any character development, let alone along those lines. It destroys the development from the first movie by eliminating Max's girlfriend from the story.

Bottom line, you won't waste your money renting it, but, if you're getting it because the first one was so good, you'll probably be disappointed.
another spectacular movie
An Extremely Goofy Movie i think is another Spectacular movie to watch, i think it's just as good as the first, the movie sets off with Max now older and ready to go to college, a life time freedom away from his dad. Max wants to have a life of his own, goofy really doesn't want his son Max to grow up, but at the end of the day, everyone has to grow up and face the world with complicated things to solve and harder work. Max had to go to college to get himself an excellent education, but his education is interupted when Goofy etends at college himself, really so that he can be with his son and spend time with him, goofy gets pushed into a gang of bullies to help them beat Max and his time on skate boarding. But the team end up drawing as an accident happens, At the end, Goofy is crowned as a professor as he wears the black hat with the string beside it. I give this movie 10 out of 10.
No Disney, Frats Aren't Like That
Back when I first saw A Goofy Movie, it instantly became one of my favorites, and it remains so to this day. As Disney is always inclined to do, they decided to make a sequel that has come to be titled An Extremely Goofy Movie. Actually, Goof Troop Episode X would've been a more appropriate title.

Let it be said right now that this movie is definitely not as good as A Goofy Movie. It's not cool, though it tries to be with its ESPN references and lots and lots of skateboarding. It's not compelling, though it tries to use a lot of the first movies techniques. And, quite frankly, Goofy has been reduced to a side character in his own feature film.

Right off the bat, the premise of this movie is sorely overused. The badly beaten sports contest with the cheating opposing team already told me that they had no real ideas for this movie. As I said earlier, Goofy isn't even one of the main focuses of this movie. It is really all about Max, PJ, and Bobby's sports event. While it's nice to see these new Disney characters get a little more screen time, I doubt anybody would've chosen to ignore Goofy in the process. Like A Goofy Movie, the strength of An Extremely Goofy Movie is in its characterization. Seeing Max go off to college and Goofy's feelings about it all was kind of interesting and rather unexplored territory in my opinion. The librarian, Sylvia is a believable girlfriend to Goofy and a pretty fun character on her own. And the beret-girl (no name?) has a pretty cool personality. But it is completely overshadowed by the more trite story about the X-games, and not in a good way.

The animation is, for such a poor movie, is actually quite nice, as are the character designs. However, the music leaves a lot to be desired. I think the worst thing about the music is that it departs from the "cartoony" feel of the first movie; we really lose sight of the fact this is a movie featuring Goofy very fast. Actually, sometimes I could've sworn I heard some things in this movie in the old Nick cartoon, Hey Arnold.

Overall, I definitely can't say this movie is as good as its predecessor. It's not unwatchable, but it has none of the magic or feel that A Goofy Movie had. The DVD also leaves a lot to be desired. So, if you REALLY want to see what Max is up to in college or see some of Goofy's antics on campus, then give this movie a watch. But don't set your expectations too high for this "Goof Troop Episode X". Despite all this, I really do hope for one more sequel, likely about Max graduating or something or trying to make it in the workforce. But come on Disney, whatever it is, it can be a LITTLE more creative than this...
It's NOT a sequel...
Many reviews I've read of XGM gripe at the fact that it is not consistent with 'A Goofy Movie', which I agree was an excellent movie. But it is clear to me that Extremely Goofy Movie was not made as 'Goofy Movie 2'. The setting is different, characters are new or at least 5 years older...the only thing the movies have in common is the theme of the bond between Max and Goof. And they both explore that in very different ways, focusing on different aspects of the generation gap. And I think XGM is a great movie in and of itself and does not invite comparison, plot-wise, to the original. It is just as good.

It's also nice to finally get a movie that's not made purely to sell toys.
Good fun.
First off, ignore the comment made by wileyjp, just a couple down from me. Obviously, though he claims to be a "true Goofy fan," he is quite the opposite. True fans of Goofy will love Goofy in any form, and in any age. He praises the animated shorts that Goofy starred in since the 30's, and hates the idea that Goofy had a girlfriend and a son. Then he never saw the animated shorts where Goofy was married and had a son in the 50's shorts.

Knowing that, the idea of Goofy being a father isn't far fetched. At least he had "a son" instead of nephews, which always puzzled me whenever cartoons were afraid to link any character to a jr version. Instead, we have Huey, Dewey and Louie with Uncle Donald, when it would have made more sense, (and may have been funnier), if he was their dad. I love that Goofy is a father, because he does have a strong sense of family about him, and you can see that Max is his whole world.

The Goofy movies are a great modern story with the timeless Goofy. Though this movie isn't a great as the first, it has the same charm, and the same family connection that the first one conveyed. Anyone can enjoy this movie just as much as the first, and i recommend it to the True Goofy Fans out there.
OK, so heres the story: little Max has grown up and he's 18 now (where has the time gone?) so he and his friends go to college and enter this skating competition called the x-games, against Bradly Uppercrust III, a brat who has always won the X-Games. then much two Max's horror, his dad Goofy, in missing him so much, loses his job, and can't get another without a college degree, so he must go back too school. There, he meets the lovely Ms.Silvia Marpole. It was OK i guess, but the whole thing with Max dissing his dad didn't fly for me. i mean 'Leave me alone and get you're own life'? show the guy a little love! then they're was that weird café girl and brad-the-brat! all-and-all it was OK, but not as good as the first.
Sporadic funny moments are not enough to carry this sequel
"A Goofy Movie", a 1995 animated flick, was the first full-length movie for Goofy, one of Disney's famous cartoon characters, and it was released over sixty years after the character was first introduced. Five years later, just like many other animated Disney movies, that one got the direct-to-video sequel treatment. I first saw "A Goofy Movie" from beginning to end in 2007, and watched it again earlier this year. Overall, I thought it was good both times, slightly better the second time. I never saw "An Extremely Goofy Movie", the 2000 direct-to-video sequel to the 1995 release, until this month. I wasn't expecting it to be as good as the original, but thought it could still be above average. However, for the most part, I didn't even think it was that.

Max Goof is ready to leave home for college, and he is looking forward to it, but his father, Goofy Goof, is not very happy, knowing how much he is going to miss his son. Max moves out to the college campus with his two friends, P.J. and Bobby, with plans to make the top team at the X-Games. The three of them quickly draw attention to themselves by skateboarding around the campus, including the attention of the Gamma fraternity, who are known as the X-Game champions! The group's leader, Bradley Uppercrust III, offers Max to join them, but since his two friends are not allowed to join, he refuses. The new rivals then make a bet. The loser of the finals will become the towel boy for the winner! Meanwhile, Goofy misses his son so much that it's hard for him to concentrate on his work, causing a major accident in the factory and costing him his job! He learns that he will need a college degree in order to get another well paying job, so he decides to go to the college where his son has enrolled, which means that they're together again and Max is in for more embarrassment!

One of the things that helps "A Goofy Movie" entertain its audience is the humour, and that's definitely something that's missing for most of this sequel. I didn't keep a straight face all the time while watching "An Extremely Goofy Movie", but certainly did for the majority of it. For some reason, although Goofy still has his charm here, he's certainly not as funny. I can't describe how he's not that funny this time, but he isn't, and neither are any other characters in this sequel. In the part where Goofy suddenly enters the college classroom, his son's reaction is pretty funny, but the rest of the class laughing and Goofy's presence giving Max's punk rival something to make fun of him about, is not. There's also a lame gross-out moment with the three friends stuffing their faces with nachos, getting cheese smeared around their mouths. In addition to the lack of laughs, the story certainly isn't very interesting, either. This sequel introduces some new characters, such as Bradley Uppercrust III and his fraternity, and Sylvia Marpole, the college librarian and Goofy's new love interest. None of them really do much for the film. Another new character is the "Beret Girl in Café." We first see her reciting her ridiculous poetry, and this is a lame part of the movie. This "Beret Girl" appears in more than one scene after that, and is a poorly crafted character.

These direct-to-video sequels from Disney often disappoint many fans of their theatrical predecessors, and this particular one certainly didn't turn out to be an exception. "An Extremely Goofy Movie" has some occasional funny moments (though even those don't tend to be THAT funny) and nice animation, and there are characters for viewers to root for, but for the most part, it's basically just another cartoon, there's not much special about it. I know I'm far from the first one to point this out, but as a sequel, this film has some continuity problems, with Goofy and Max's awkward relationship and the absence of Roxanne, as if the events of "A Goofy Movie" didn't happen! Maybe this wouldn't be that much of a problem if this sequel were actually entertaining, but unfortunately, it isn't usually that. This may not be a sequel to avoid at all costs, and I'm sure many kids would enjoy it, but it's definitely a film that could have used better writing.
Goofy's back and funnier than ever before!!!
Goofy's back in an all-new movie adventure that is sure to please the entire family. Max sets off to college heading for extreme sports, no dad, and most of all, FREEDOM! There's just one problem, Goofy misses Max so much that he literally falls down on the job missing Max and gets fired. But what Goofy doesn't know is to get a new job, he must have a college degree. So naturally Goof sets off to college and that's where the fun begins! When Goofy meets the librarian, they hit it off and sparks start flying fast when disco meets the 21st century. Featuring the best music of the 70s to present day, everyone is going to love this unexpected surprise. Disney's most beloved dad will make you laugh-out-loud with hilarious slapstick humor and animation. Your children deserves more films like these. Great job Disney! Your the best! Featuring Pauley Shore, Bebe Neuwirth, and the original cast of "A Goofy Movie." Be sure to check out the DVD. It contains Cleopatra's "Right Back Where We Started From" music video, "Me and My Dad" interactive read-along, & "An Extremely Goofy Movie" Interactive Trivia Game. Soundtrack on Walt Disney Records.

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