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Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Christian Pasquariello
André Hennicke as Mac (as André M. Hennicke)
Rainer Werner as V.A.X.7
Lesley Suzanne Dean as M.A.T.E. (voice)
Nick Baker-Monteys as Driver (voice)
Guy Hoyer as Hänschen Klein (voice)
Tim Williams as Base (voice)
Iwan Rheon as S.U.M.1
Niels-Bruno Schmidt as Straggler Man
Zoe Grisedale as Straggler Woman (as Zoë Grisedale)
Storyline: An aggressive race of aliens took over Planet Earth and humanity's at its end, living in giant bunkers below ground. Young Military rookie S.U.M.1 (Iwan Rheon) is sent to the surface to save a group of unprotected survivors.
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God.....Save us from ordinary alien movies.....
I am very much fond of Ridley scott's Alien and also james cameron's Aliens. But now i really hate these alien ideas as there are many real bad films have been made on Alien. This movie is the latest addition to this. The story is not too bad but the acting as well as the alien scenes are horribly maintained. No real drama or excitement in it. Rather you will find it boring just about 30 minutes after the start. Same old concepts of Alien invasion in the earth with those nasty Alien killing projects.

I suggest better to avoid the movie. It has no new joy or excitement to offer you. Alien fans will be disappoint if they watch this.
B Action Movie with a good end (if you're a cynic)
For a plot summary please look at the start of the page.

Film feel: The exposition and and main part of the movie is eerily similar to the likes of Moon and Oblivion. But in contrast, this film drags on much more because there is no funny dialog or a subplot. The dominant grey-blue colour palette doesn't help either. The film wants to showcase the monotonous and boring routine of the main character but takes it too far and bores the viewer.

The film tries to have a twist ending but is to simple to really pull it off. The story is so bland that one can count the possible endings on two fingers.

If you're a cynic (like me) then you will like the ending. More would be spoiler.

Exposition: 1/10 (if you have seen Oblivion and/or Moon you can skip it) Main Part: 1/10 (too bland and simple) Ending: 6/10 (good ending for cynics; I couldn't stop grinning)

TLDR: if this was a 20 min short film it might have been good. Like this it drags on for 90% of the run time.
Boring flick that would have worked better as a short film
Even though I'm German, I rarely watch German movies. We're semi- successful with comedy, slice of life, or crime, but any other genre is usually painfully bad. This movie confirms this theory.

The movie features a young soldier - unoriginally named Sum1 - who is stationed in a tower in the middle of nowhere to guard the new built frontier between civilization and no man's land. There are evil things roaming around and the survivors have found refuge in bunkers underground. No one has ever seen those monsters, or at least lived to tell the tale. Neither protagonist nor viewer is sure they even exist, however, the viewer is thrown into this dystopian world without any context, so all of this means nothing to them.

Sum1 can't compete with any Hollywood productions and it's very obvious. It's not the outdated CGI or plump dialogue, it's not even the acting. (In fact Iwan Rheon's acting might even be a little too good for this script so he just comes of as overtly intense.) It's the fact that this plot could have escaped the pen of any first year Film student, it's bland and predictable, tries to be original but fails completely. We at least get a few good shots of Iwan Rheon's butt, which is only a small comfort in the long run.
Too Many Loose Ends
Well acted, filmed and designed, this film has all the things it needs except one - a good script. The cheapest stage of any film is the script writing, because it takes place independently of all the others and only requires one person and a $300 laptop. That is the stage when the writer should have decided to work out for himself and then tell the audience the answers to questions like:

Why can't we kill giant crabs with tanks, drones and aerial gunships?

How did they travel through space to get here apparently naked?

Why does no-one have any drone footage of them? Who decided to call them The Nonesuch and why?

If they are real why are some survivors more scared of the army?

If V.A.X. 7 didn't kill himself why is there that blood stain on the wall?

When S.U.M. 1 saw V.A.X. 7 in the shadows he must have actually been there because he was recorded on video, which must mean that he'd broken into a maximum security military bunker without being caught by any of the cameras and then escaped again before the lights came back on, which is daft.

What were the toxic emissions, human or Nonesuch, and why didn't they kill S.U.M. 1?

Why call someone "S.U.M. 1" unless you want them to doubt their own sanity?
Iwan Rheon is good even if the movie isn't…
In the not-too-distant future, Earth has been invaded, overrun and defeated by a race of hostile aliens, or so we are led to believe. With only a small fraction of Earth's population remaining, humanity has taken to life underground in a grim bid to keep the human race alive. Out of necessity, this subterranean society is rigidly structured along militaristic lines.

Only a few die-hard human stragglers eke out a meager existence on the surface. A major focus of the subterranean militaristic society is to round up as many of the top side stragglers as possible, ostensibly for altruistic purposes and as part of the overall push to save humanity.

A lowly private, named S.U.M.1, within the subterranean society is sent out on a 100 day mission to man one of the outlying security towers in keeping with the general operation to keep a lookout for the dangerous aliens, referred to as the "Nonesuch".

Over time, S.U.M.1, as part of the supposedly mentally deleterious effects of "long-term" isolation (although the private has the opportunity to regularly communicate with his fellow personnel twice daily, not to mention being able to contact his superiors more or less at will as needs be), begins to suspect that the aliens either do not exist at all or if they do exist, that they have already departed, and that the rigid and unpleasant life everyone leads is simply part of a nefarious plot to subjugate the human rank-and-file population to the benefit of the elite human power structure.

Having devised a way to disable the security perimeter intended to fence him within his operational area, S.U.M.1 travels to an adjoining security tower only to encounter the "big reveal" of the movie.

This is obviously a very low-budget effort and of relatively low quality. It would not be untruthful to say that the only thing that makes it stand out is that it does feature Iwan Rheon as the protagonist, the eponymous S.U.M.1. Viewers may know him from his primary debut as Simon Bellamy in MISFITS and as the creepily monstrous Ramsay Bolton in GAME OF THRONES. He is a very competent actor and he brings a certain… what?… cinéma vérité?… that this movie would otherwise not possess.

As others have mentioned, ALIEN INVASION: S.U.M.1 is conceptually very closely related to MOON and OBLIVION in its fundamentals and simply tacks on a twist or "surprise" ending in the hopes of not winding up being completely derivative. I empathize with the movie on this point; there are only so many movie story lines to go around and, after all, where was it going to go for $1.95?

Unfortunately, there are innumerable gaping plot holes that inexorably drive the movie into the realm of the subpar and amateurish.

Here is a partial list.

In an in-your-face sort of way the aliens are actually CALLED the Nonesuch, which is highly suggestive that they don't exist by the very name. Hint hint.

Inexplicably, each of the security towers occupies a hexagonal territory grid pattern bordered by an electronic fence and augmented with some kind of embedded security chip within the leg of our private, very similar in concept to the pet-corralling product, Invisible Fence. Anytime S.U.M.1 approaches this barrier, he is overcome with pain and driven back, the implant beeping and flashing away in his leg. From a plot standpoint, this is clearly to inject into our minds the notion that the powers that be don't want him to wander from his grid location because he will "find something out" a la OBLIVION. Given what we find out about the truth at the end of the picture, such a barrier makes no sense. Especially if one of the private's primary operational orders is to corral any loose humans running around the surface. All such a wandering human would have to do to avoid corralling is simply go beyond the perimeter and S.U.M.1 wouldn't be able to follow them. So this fence doesn't jive with either the ending or the situational set up.

Realistically, the movie only consists of 2 parts: 1. The situational exposition (the exciting alien invasion idea, humanity hanging on by the skin of its teeth) and 2. The "surprise" ending. NOT surprisingly, this makes the giant, movie-length chunk of time in between these 2 plot points rather difficult to fill. And so the movie cheaply falls back on the notion that somehow being stationed in an isolated observation tower just naturally drives the occupant nutty. For the vast majority of the movie we're just watching S.U.M.1 behave more and more erratically without any real explanation as to why. I guess were just supposed to accept it on face value.

While the depiction of the aliens themselves isn't bad at all, their apparent combat strategy is just to run around at random and eat people. We see no sign of any advanced technology, nor do we actually see any incidents of the advanced energy weapons possessed by the humans actually HITTING any alien. Our primary protagonist even has an opportunity to shoot one at point-blank range and it somehow never happens.

A complete list of the plot holes would go on much longer than allowed, but I'm sure you get the idea by now. It's a terrible movie with a disastrous plot line only slightly elevated by the inclusion of a namebrand actor. On top of this we add glacially slow pace while we illogically kill time going insane for no reason between the exposition and the big reveal at the end, and what you have is, well, kind of a junker. If you decide to watch it, just keep in mind that watching Iwan Rheon will realistically be the high point of the movie.
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