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Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
IMDB rating:
Tad Stones
Scott Weinger as Aladdin
Linda Larkin as Princess Jasmine
Gilbert Gottfried as Iago the Parrot
Jerry Orbach as Sa'luk
Val Bettin as Sultan of Agrabah
Frank Welker as Abu the Monkey
Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices (voice)
Jim Cummings as Razoul the Chief Guard
Corey Burton as Additional Voices (voice)
Jess Harnell as Additional Voices (voice)
Clyde Kusatsu as Additional Voices (voice)
Rob Paulsen as Additional Voices (voice)
Storyline: At long last, Aladdin is about to marry the Princess Jasmine. Despite the presence and encouragement of his friends Genie, Carpet, and Abu, he is fearful and anxious. He is most worried as to what kind of father he will be, having never known his own. But when the 40 Thieves disrupt the wedding trying to steal a magical oracular talisman, Aladdin is drawn into a dangerous quest to stop the thieves...and find his long-lost father.
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Not as good as I hoped
This is a really disappointing sequel to Aladdin. Currently they have been making unnescasary sequels to some disney movies. Like Lady and the Tramp 2 to The Lion King 2, which all failed to live up to the original.

This does no better

The plot is so mediocre and the voice acting is rubbish. The only good thing I found about it was that it was a bright enigmatic movie. If you are a kid under 10 you will love this. Anyone over is advised to stay well clear. But if you REALLY want to see it then see it.


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OK straight to video 3rd entry...
1st watched 2/14/2010 -- 4 out of 10(Dir-Tad Stones): OK straight to video 3rd entry in the Walt Disney Aladdin series tries hard to be like the Disney movies of old that we love(but that's also it's problem -- it tries too hard!!) It has the many songs, the good guy-bad guy theme, and the guy gets the girl scenario but it obviously has less heart and funds to pull it off. It was made by the TV animation studio and it kind of has that look and feel to it with it's incomplete, un-realistic backgrounds but otherwise looks OK. Robin Williams as the Genie is funny at times(but overbearing at others)and some of the other minor characters brings some laughs but the movie tries to be too grand and too good even though it wasn't meant to be. The story is about Aladdin and Jasmine getting married but is interrupted by the forty thieves. We later find out that Aladdin's father is the king of thieves and he goes on a quest to bring him back and reform him. There is a bad leader of the thieves who keeps fighting with Aladdin's father over the kingship of the thieves, who amazingly is voiced by Jerry Orbach, in a very different role for him. They are then lured to the ultimate treasure of Midas's hand by an oracle and they eventually have to decide what's really important(the treasure or the people). As most Disney films, it all works itself out in the end but the movie overall doesn't deliver the kind of craftsmanship in the story that usually keeps us interested in a Disney movie. A good try by the TV animators but it's not quite what it could have been. Given a little more money and time it could have been a worthwhile effort but instead it's pretty mediocre.
A Great End to the Trilogy
I have to say, this is without a doubt one of the only watchable direct-to-video features Disney has ever given us. Now, for those who haven't seen this, and have seen the likes of, oh, I don't know, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II or Tarzan and Jane, you may ask how this is possible.

Start with the voice actors. You have the complete original cast back on board (minus Jonathan Freeman, for obvious reasons), plus a few extras. Jasmine may sound slightly different than she used to, but my spies tell me that she is indeed the same actress. John Rhys-Davies provides his voice for Aladdin's father, and the King of Thieves, Cassim. Jerry Orbach (of Beauty and the Beast fame) plays one of the forty thieves, Sa'luk. And finally, the star of the show has returned. I like Dan Castellaneta, and I think he did an acceptable job as the Genie, but Robin Williams is still the best.

In fact, William's performance here could be best described as 'unleashed'. The Genie impersonates no less than five Disney characters, including Mickey Mouse himself, becomes an entire army (comprised of SWAT, cavalry, paratroopers, bagpipe men, the ED-209, and Pocahontas), picks up an elephant with his bare hands, and comforts Jasmine as Mrs. Doubtfire, albeit a bearded version.

This movie has a coherent plot, which is, you know, strange for a Disney sequel. Some may say it was stolen from 'The Last Crusade' and I'd have to agree. You know, hero meets father, father is looking for some important artifact, appears to love it more than his family, but… doesn't. Yeah. Except instead of the Holy Grail, we have this awesome Hand of Midas that can turn anything into gold.

The villain foundation is not as good as the original, but Jerry Orbach still manages give us the next best thing with a grey-skinned, muscle-bound, wolverine-claw using man known as Sa'luk. I would rate his death scene as one of the best in cinematic history.

Songs… Ha. Well they don't measure up to the originals, but they do the best they can do. Genie is so over-the-top with his two songs that it's almost unbelievable, and the forty thieves song is quite entertaining. Just, uh, pretend that you can't hear the sappy song Aladdin and Jasmine sing about his childhood, as it may induce vomiting and/or cancer.

After the exercise of utter futility that was 'The Return of Jafar', this movie gives us some of the best direct-to-video animation you'll see out there. It's truly a satisfying film that provide a satisfying ending. While I'd rate 'Aladdin' 9 stars, 'Jafar' would get 2 and this would get 7 to 8. It's that good, check it out.
Worthy Sequel...
All of the recent Disney sequels have a set formula that makes them generally the same movie. The main characters have a kid, the kids a rebel, and gets into trouble. Not so with this one. It effectively combines the Aladdin story with the legend of Midas - a touch that turned everything to gold. Again we get to see Robin Williams in character as the blue genie, and funny as always. Again, its a movie meant for the kids, but everyone can find some value in it.
Worse then Jafar, better than the awful series...
Alright, so it is better than the series... BIG DEAL. The series are the worst thing that could happen to the original (brilliant) movie, if Disney was god, this would be it's second mistake... The animation is crappy, although it's better than RETURN OF JAFAR, but the characters are just annoying, they just took the front most characteristics of the characters and based everything on it, for example Iago is just the most annoying character in this movie, he's just greedy and cowardly. The only things that are positive about this movie, are Robin Williams and John Rhys Davies. Williams is not as good as in part one, and some of his lines are just awfully annoying. But it's the way he copies most celebrities that actually kinda saves the movie (it sure is the only reason why I'd ever want to see it again). As for John Rhys Davies, he's good, but we all knew that. It's just sad to see him in such a very very bad movie... As for the whole plot, it stinks... It's all much to forced. Aladdin suddenly has issues with his family, and the whole magic lost city thing and the magic scepter with the silly woman in white in it, it's just too much bullsh*t to take. The first Aladdin was no bullsh*t, just Aladdin. As for the songs, they're the worst I've ever heard in a Disney movie, it's like the characters are just talking, followed with a magical Tadadaaaa, and then they talk again... My conclusion, avoid this one, and the series, stick to the original. Boycot this movie for all I know, just make Disney stop making all these cheap rip-off sequels, they're better than this... I give it a 4/10 for Robin and John...
pretty good
This was not the best disney animated sequel of all. but in all Aladdin and the king of thieves does absolutely have a good story line. the story of aladdins father is very heartfelt, that is why i gave it a 6 rating. and why did Iago have to be in this one also. i mean he got to be in the first two and he was the 2nd main character in the return of jafar. alls well that ends well though. aladdin and jasmine finally get married. the song for this sequence is very sweet. i liked this one better than the second, since robin williams returning role as the Genie. I liked it when he was Mrs Doubtfire. this is a good movie to watch over again.
They got married again.
+ SPOILER ALERT + Well, after seeing this movie, I often pondered to myself; "Why did Aladdin and Jasmine get married again?". It's true. If you remember at the end of "Aladdin", the two were clad in fancy, purple wedding vestments. But in this third "Aladdin" movie, the two are about to wed (in their plain, white wedding digs) when suddenly, Aladdin's random father, (who never even existed up until this point) along with his forty thieves, crashes and destroys the ceremony.

Then, some random wand is really an Oracle who tells Aladdin where his father is. Aladdin is all like, "DADDY!!" and goes to find him.

(I won't give the whole movie away, but I'll sum it up into this...)Aladdin ends up helping his dad in his quest to find the "Hand of Midas". (Seriously, it's like collecting PokeMon cards. Just get a life.) They find this Hand, that brings out many goof ups.

One; the Hand turned Aladdin's dad's cloak to gold. It moves freely and seems flexible. Yet, when the bad thief Sa'Luk touches the Hand and turns to gold, he can no longer move at all.

Two; the items that the Hand touch turn to gold instantly. Yet, Sa'Luk takes a while to change.

Three; after all the trouble poor Aladdin goes through to get his dad the Hand, his father hurls it out to the sea. What a waste!! Though this film was way better than "Return of Jafar", it couldn't save the film's cheesy songs and sappy storyline. Aladdin's dad gambles with his son's life several times, really making Al's, "He's a good dad." philosophy go to poop. It's really a poor movie.

3 out of 10.
Robin Williams Elevated This Movie To a Greater Level
You really can't review "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" without comparing it to its 1992 theatrical predecessor, or even the first direct-to-video sequel "The Return of Jafar". As an earlier reviewer on this site has mentioned, this movie is not as good as the original Aladdin, but much better than the second one in both story and animation.

Having Robin Williams come back to reprise his role as the Genie was probably what made this movie above average. As talented a voice over artist as Dan Castellaneta is, he just couldn't fill Williams' shoes (or his lamp). So it was a pleasant surprise to have Williams back as his manic self with all his authentic, gut-busting gags and various celebrity impressions.

However, that being said, having the Genie present a lot of the time created some fairly noticeable improbabilities and definite plot holes. For instance, when the 40 thieves raided Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding in the beginning, the Genie could have stopped all of them and sent them all to jail. I had the impression that the Genie's powers were infinite, so he was definitely capable of doing that. On the other hand, it wouldn't make for an interesting movie if the Genie magically solved everyone's problems. It still didn't seem right that the Genie just stalled during those climactic scenes, though.

But with every problem the Genie didn't magically solve, there came a plot that was slightly more complicated than expected, and that's a good thing. The complicated plot made the story far more intriguing, and it added a great deal more depth to Aladdin's character. Caseem, Aladdin's estranged father, was also a great addition to the cast, and his character was equally appealing.

Although we didn't see too much of Jasmine in this movie, she appeared to be a much stronger character than even in the original Aladdin movie. I commend the Disney company for making her a strong, supportive companion to Aladdin without making her appear to be a damsel in distress. In fact, the part where she punches one of the thieves for "ruining my wedding" was an excellent touch.

The animation itself could have been better, but it was above average for a direct-to-video sequel from the 1990's. With just a little bit better animation, it could have easily been released to theaters. I don't think that was Disney's intent, though. So for what it was worth, it's an above average movie, and Robin Williams made the movie all the better by returning as the Genie.
What Disney Sequels Should Be...
Okay, maybe the movie isn't perfect. Aladdin's singing voice sounds a bit weird, and the animation isn't quite as good, but this is worthwhile. All Disney sequels should be something like this.

This movie comes up with an original plot, rather than reusing the old one. The songs might not be quite up to par with the originals, but they are still a lot of fun. The best part is that the movie ends well. It brings the trilogy to a rather sensible closure, rather than having some sappy ending like the Little Mermaid II. This is the type of movies Disney should at least be making as sequels.

Best sequel they've made.
Done on the cheap
I really like how Disney expanded their version of the Aladdin story in their TV series and the direct to DVD sequels, but this one kind of let me down. The voice acting is great and I really liked the music, but the quality of the animation is quite poor by Disney standards.

Normally, I wouldn't be so particular about the art but the drop in quality from the first movie, to the TV show to this sequel is precipitous. The color palette is so muted it seems like the animators were told only to use a maximum of 16 throughout the entire running time.

The familiar characters are still quite recognizable, but they all lack detail and depth that you come to expect from Disney. I know that the direct-to-DVD products are given smaller budgets, but that doesn't justify just how cheap this movie looks.

There are still lots of redeeming parts of this movie, but the lack of visual polish is too distracting for me to enjoy them.
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