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47 Meters Down
USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts
Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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WOW - This is one of those films that once its over all you say is WOW!
Splendidly done! This film keeps you at the edge of your seat. Very good and specially intelligently done. You get into a situation where there is no right or wrong, it is what it is. It becomes a survival of the fittest to an extreme. What makes this movie so wonderfully scary it that everything in it is plausible. Also, it does not meet a beat. When you think you can breathe something else come up to take your breath away. The ending is the most shocking of it all because you don't see it coming but then you figure why it is as the credits are rolling. Kudos to everyone making this film. The ocean is scary enough and an underwater movie is well... scary. And this this one is specially chilling. If this film is playing in your city, do not hesitate to watch it. Scary, well done flick.
nice winch
Greetings again from the darkness. Beach movies have long been a 'Rite of Summer'. Going back to the 1960's there was light-hearted frolicking in Where the Boys Are, Beach Blanket Bingo, and some Elvis flicks from the era. Of course everything changed in 1975 when Steven Spielberg scared us out of the water with his instant classic Jaws. Since then, beach movies tend to be about horrific creatures or sandy adventures gone wrong: Open Water, Deep Blue Sea, and last year's summer hit The Shallows. The soon to number five Sharknado movies are in a separate class – more parody than horror.

The year's salt water adventure follows two sisters who regrettably agree to a shark cage adventure while vacationing in Mexico. The sisters are played by two actresses whose most recent work has been on TV: Mandy Moore ("This is Us") and Claire Holt ("The Vampire Diaries", "The Originals"). Lisa (Ms. Moore) has been recently dumped by her boyfriend for being downright boring, while Kate (Ms. Holt) is her daredevil fear-nothing younger sister who persuades her to take a chance.

For reasons that only make sense in a cinematic world, the two sisters not only board Captain Taylor's (Matthew Modine) rickety boat, but they also plop right into the rusty shark cage lowered by scrap metal that Taylor calls the winch. By nature of the film's title, we know what happens next. The ladies' 5 meter drop turns into a harrowing 47 meter plummet to the ocean floor. Their choice comes down to – run out of air trapped at the bottom of the sea, or risk the bends and sharks while swimming to the surface. Since the bends doesn't make for exciting filmmaking, the sisters opt to stay put just out of radio range in hopes for a miraculous rescue.

Realizing they have limited air to breathe, the sisters start chatting about their sibling rivalry and petty jealousies. It's at about this time (or maybe even sooner) that we begin rooting for the sharks. Director Johannes Roberts' filmography features such titles as Hellbreeder, Roadkill and Turn Your Bloody Phone Off, so our expectations never rise about B-movie level. He does manage to tap into our primal fears with some terrific shark effects, and a panicky feeling associated with murky water and a lost sense of direction in the deep dark depths of the ocean. However, since the twist ending is so drilled into our consciousness throughout the film, the biggest mystery here is how big of airline fee did the sisters pay for the last minute flight change when Lisa got dumped?
Very good movie about survival in the ocean
This film from the beginning manages very well the bond of the protagonists, the plot is trained from the beginning by generating suspense at the moment of the critical moment of the film, very good special effects and a very original ending, different from those of traditional movies
47 Meters Great
This film is about two sisters who simply want to make up, reunite, and have fun. They meet some local Mexico guys at a club, and then they sort of fall in love with the guys. The guys actually dare them to go scuba diving in the famous Mexican ocean waters. The next time we see them, we're on a boat with them, and they are preparing to go deep underwater inside a cage. They dive in, but the cage dives deep underwater. Unfortunately for the girls, the rope breaks, and this sends them plunging to the deepest parts of the sea (47 Meters Down). They fight to swim back up, but it is too risky because of the imminent and voracious sharks surrounding them.

This is when we see the close sisters protect each other to make it out of the water alive. Their air tanks are running out. They need extra air tanks, and thankfully they obtain extra tanks, and are able to swim back up. Interesting though, because the nitrous oxygen made for Lisa to begin hallucinating, because of nitrous overdose. So is Lisa really back on the boat, or is she still stuck inside the cage? See for yourself, and watch 47 Meters Down.
Effective Thriller
47 Meters Down (2017)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Lisa (Mandy Moore) and his tougher sister Kate (Claire Holt) are on vacation in Mexico when they meet a couple guys who offer to take them on a cage dive. At first Lisa is worried but her younger sister talks her into it. Sure enough they get into the water and an accident happens where the two women find themselves at the bottom of the ocean without much oxygen left.

I must admit that I find some of the criticisms aimed at 47 METERS DOWN to be quite funny. I've read people complaining that the ocean floor would be a lot darker than it is during the movie. Umm... do you want to watch a movie that's complete darkness? Didn't think so. I've heard others say that the sharks look fake. OK, I agree with that but should they have perhaps used real sharks? A mechanical shark like in JAWS? CGI is here and it's to stay. Several other logical issues are being attacked but I say give it a rest. This is a thriller so it's meant to leave you on the edge of your seat and I thought this film did.

There have been quite a few movies over the years that dealt with the ocean and sharks. Obviously the landmark film was JAWS and there have been countless others that followed. Last year we had THE SHALLOWS about a woman trying to survive an attack and several years ago there was OPEN WATER about a couple people stranded in the ocean. This film basically takes those two movies and has some fun with it as we've got two women trapped at the bottom of the ocean and they're surrounded by sharks. I really thought the film was well-made and what I loved most about it is that it made you feel as if you were right down there with the ladies.

I'm sure many people will have a panic attack watching this because it certainly makes you feel claustrophobic. Whenever the women start to run out of air you too will be holding your breathe. The scenes with the shark attacks certainly make for some good jump scares. I'm not going to ruin the ending, another thing people are complaining about, but I thought it worked fine when you think about it. Both Moore and Holt are good in their roles, although neither one were excellent. Matthew Modine has a brief role as the Captain and it was fun seeing him.

47 METERS DOWN isn't a film that you constantly think about while watching. Turn your brain off, sit back and enjoy. The film isn't a masterpiece but I thought it was effective for what it was trying to do and it's certainly worth watching.
A harrowing oceanic dive...
While "47 Meters Down" (aka "In the Deep") certainly is no new shark classic in the likes of "Jaws", it turned out to be a rather entertaining and thrilling movie.

Initially I had thought this might just be yet another of those low budget and offbeat movies with a shark theme. However, the storyline in this movie was really nicely written and constructed. And director Johannes Roberts managed to establish a sensation of the viewer being down in the depths with Kate (played by Claire Holt) and Lisa (played by Mandy Moore). And there is a real sense of dread and fear settling in the back of your head given the desperate situations and the way that the movie was filmed.

Granted there was a very small cast ensemble for this movie, which meant more pressure for the individual acting performers, but the people really carried themselves quite well. Especially Claire Holt and Mandy Moore in the lead, they performed quite well. It was also nice to see Matthew Modine make an appearance in this movie.

The movie was suffering from being rather predictable, for sure. But it was quite alright, because the movie was really entertaining from start to end. And with a constant level of intense suspense there never really was a dull moment throughout the course of "47 Meters Down".

"47 Meters Down" could have used more shark footage. But while there wasn't as much scenes with sharks as I would have preferred, the movie still works out quite nicely, because it is the dramatic storyline and the intense situations and atmosphere of the movie that propels the movie forward. The scenes that did include sharks, however, were very realistic and makes the audience feel that the two girls really are in real trouble.

One of the less impressive features of the movie was the lack of lighting. Sure, it was realistic, as the movie was taking place on that depth, so there would be very little light. But for a proper cinematic experience, then the movie could have used more light, because too many details were just obscured in shadow or darkness.

The dramatic rescue scene was so unfathomably predictable that it was actually atrocious to witness. It was such a lousy stunt to pull, and writers Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera really shouldn't have gone for that generic and over-used approach for the scene.

This was definitely a surprisingly good and entertaining movie. And if you enjoy shark movies then "47 Meters Down" is without a doubt a movie that you should take the time to sit down and watch.
movie good ending sucks
Look the mkovie was good but the ending was awful I still do not know it one or both girls survived .One minute they are laying on the deck chewed up .And the next minute only one is being rescued from the cage .noone understood what was happening.I tell you i wouldn't go see it again and why are these woman dumb enough to get into that rusted ass old cage on that rusty old boat .No wonder these girls wind up dead.
Unrealistic, boring and dumb.
I have to say that IMDb has become more and more misleading with their ratings. Incredibly deep European movies getting low ratings while movies like this are ranking higher and higher every time. Reading all the reviews below, you get to understand why.

This movie is unrealistic and silly in many ways and this is no minor issue. I understand that cinema is a suspension of disbelief but this movie could have been much better if it had been more realistic. I won't get into details other than saying the behaviour of the characters (especially those lame cowards on deck) is unbelievable, the moments of terror boring and the decision made by everyone is dumb. The Coast Guard should have arrived immediately carrying proper gear like tiny explosives which are thrown around the girls (of course, knowing their location beforehand) in order to chase away the sharks.

The music is predictable. The action scenes are clichéd and not remarkable and worst of all, they are boring. That ripped off finale from "The Descent" and "Gravity" does not work because we have seen it before in much better films.

There are tragedy movies which are so real and in which the characters do everything their common sense dictates that the viewer cannot but suffer and empathize with their predicament. And the movie shines. No wonder such movies have become classics. This is not one of them. Boring and dumb. Stay away!
Stupidest Ending Ever!
This movie was good starting out and even to the middle I like it for what it was and it would have been a good re-watch but the ending oh the ending it was the worst ending to a movie I have ever seen before the ending to this was idiotic if they just kept the part before the end it would have been a 6 or 7/10 for me but no they kept it and it was stupid I hated the ending I would have bought this if they didn't keep this ending the director should be ashamed. But before the end it was good showing off what 47 meters would be like if you got stuck and it was pretty cool that earned a 7/10 right there just for a cool thing to watch but the ending ruined it so I dropped it to a 3/10 I wish that was not the ending it was dumb I hate that I had to sit through this movie for that type of ending. It just sucked. But that's how I felt about the movie I recommend watching all of it except the end the end just ruins it but that's how I felt about the movie.
Still waiting for the next shark movie blockbuster
Note: Review may contain spoiler

Despite the mechanical flaws Jaws was a cult hit because of the music. The Shallows should have licensed under the Jaws Franchise and used the music. 47 Meters is no different, without a great soundtrack it falls short.

So not having read any reviews and knowing nothing about the movie, the first look was on the theater's site and the trailer.

Always been looking for that shark movie to match the characters of the shark movie that made one scared to enter the water... "JAWs".

Even the sequels did not hold water, no pun, OK maybe little pun intended.

So the movie sets the tone about two sisters, who out of the blue on a drunken night, decide to go swimming with the sharks.

Needless to say there is not much drama or story on land, so you are sitting there waiting to get into the water. Well that is where it did not disappoint. You get in the water after a glance at some of the big sharks they stir up and you cannot wait to wonder, who is going to be eaten first.

So the twist here is that there is no fright of being attacked, and enter the first victims, two guys the girls meet in their drunken night on the town, who basically come out of the water like they just got off the roller coaster and who turn next.

I will admit the ending has a very interesting twist and I will not really do a spoiler on it. It is what pushes the movie from a 4 to 7.

So was there any time you really get worried and scared? No not really, but you do form a bond with the sisters and wonder how are they going to get out of the jam.

As they take their turn on the roller coaster ride and start a small descent into the waters, they get an up close look at the sharks which even look bigger. There is no real drama of fear or that they were going to be victims and as such that is what hurts the movie form being over the top.

The sharks are referenced as being over 20ft long and the visual are great. There is not an eating spree one might expect on a shark movie. So you are basically just 47 meters under water looking for the sharks to creep up and attack the sisters. Which, they do, but not for very long and not too much action one is hoping for. Again it no Jaws and Jaws didn't even have to use sharks. It just used music and your imagination which made it more frightening then what the director could bring to camera with CGI or a mechanical Shark.

So as the girls try to leave the confines of the cage, you think, now she is shark bate. OK another let down, but the visual where interesting and keep you from walking out of the theater and tell yourself, gosh a hour I can't have back and I paid for it both in popcorn drink and the movie.

So why 7 out of 10. Well because if you sit back and let your self go, it does make for a OK little B movie. Although I would say the shallow is 7 out of 10, the shallow is far better.

It did spark one idea for a doodle which I may start working on today.

Well if you lucky this review will make the cut. Do you wait for DVD/on demand or head to the theater. It is a tough call. I would say wait for video to be release.

-ATH @annthillt
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