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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Zak Hilditch
Bob Frazer as Andrew Lester
Peter Hall as Farmer
Bruce Blain as Bank Guard
Brian d'Arcy James as Sheriff Jones
Dylan Schmid as Henry James
Spencer Brown as Train employee
Danielle Klaudt as Female Teller
Kaitlyn Bernard as Shannon Cotterie
Anna Louise Sargeant as Hotel Maid
Roan Curtis as Victoria
Thomas Jane as Wilfred James
Mark Acheson as Pawn Shop Clerk
Neal McDonough as Harlan Cotterie
Tanya Champoux as Sallie
Molly Parker as Arlette James
Michael Bean as Funeral Operator
Patrick Keating as Mr. Stoppenhauser
Peter New as Counterman
Graeme Duffy as Good Samaritan
Storyline: A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate.
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Nicely Atmospheric, but..
a predictable ghost story. I was reminded of family accounts of the time, but distracted by the prominence of alcohol in a story set at the height of Prohibition. Not sure the rum runners made it all the way out to Nebraska dairy farms. Still, I enjoyed the moodiness. Would have loved to see more of Molly Parker, who is always a luminous presence.
Uniquely Good
1922 is the latest novel adaptation by Stephen King, and wholly character driven, and a huge departure in many ways to his recent films, It and Gerald's Game... two films I found somewhat disappointing... but this is uniquely good, because it's so selfless, so unpresumptuous or needing of attention... it just is, and in that is a viscerality, a gristly and enduring experience that sets it above the others.

Damn good movie.

My Rating: 9/10 (Netflix)
Leads you to dark places
Solid Stephen King adaptation. A simple story that asks a lot of moral questions. It a dark thriller that invites you to the darkest corners of your soul. The film works because it is very limited in space and character and thus you really get very close into the psyche of the characters. Thomas Jane is absolutely fabulous and was almost not recognizable in the role of the simple but proud farmer. Jane really puts out his acting weapon, loaded it and shot it over the whole film. Great work. Molly Parker was fine but her role was very one note. She did the best she could out of it. I really liked Dylan Schmid who was very convincing. The direction by Zak Hilditch was fine, although he lost it a bit in the second half when I felt they tried too hard to stretch the original short story. Still the film never lost its dark atmosphere and has a lot of shock moments, but not cheap thrills but really disturbing moments. I recommend this to any Stephen King fan or fan of a good old fashioned psychological horror thriller.
1922 review.
1922 is a slow, methodical look at guilt and the consequences of moral compromise. Adapted from Stephen King's novella, 1922 is a film that will divide certain audiences. After a summer of successful, suspenseful King adaptations (IT, Gerald's Game), this is almost an anti-king film, it's a film that basks in its atmosphere. It's also a film that's solely focused on its characters rather than plot. Thomas Jane stars as Wilfred James a dedicated ranch owner who conspires with his son Henry (Dylan Schmid) to murder his wife Arlette (Molly Parker) when she starts the process of selling the ranch.

1922 is written and directed by Zak Hiditch. Hiditch and his cinematographer Ben Richardson do a wonderful job of nailing the time period. The film's setting is gorgeous to look at, and the homestead has an almost omnipresent feel to it. It becomes a character in and of itself as the corn fields glisten against the backdrop of beautiful sunsets, whilst hiding darker secrets in the cracks of its foundations. The technical aspects of the film are expertly crafted.

Thomas Jane is fantastic is his role as a somewhat unhinged man filled with rage and regret. Every time he's on-screen he pulls you in with his mesmerising presence. As the film increasingly focuses on him it becomes more of a character study than a thriller/horror film. Whilst I feel this may be divisive, I enjoyed the direction it took. The films eerie, nihilistic tone makes up for the lack of urgency in the script.

1922 is a film that's assured of itself, thankfully being on Netflix the creators don't have to worry about turning this film into a lowest common-denominator jump-fest. Instead it respects its audience and asks them to come along on a journey through the protagonists mind. The only downside with the film is with so much focus given to Jane, the rest of the cast aren't fully developed, and some of their plot threads felt under-developed. However the film does a fantastic job of developing Jane's character which makes up for the short-comings of others. The films attention to detail makes 1922 an effective psychological (horror) film.
Thomas Jane's one of the finest performances!
Based on Stephen King's novella of the same name, 1922 is like Stephen King's own version of Allen Poe's timeless classic THE TELL-TALE HEART story that set around here Wilfred James, a Nebraska farmer with a bitter wife named Arlette and a loyal son named Henry. This hardworking but not-too-successful farmer finds himself under increasing pressure from his wife when she clearly started to express her frustrations living in the country and wants to sell her all of the 100 acres of land that she got inheritably and move to the big city. Through their disagreements, when Arlette threatens to divorce him, taking the son with her, Wilfred plots to murder her and methodically persuades his son to become his partner in crime. This is beautifully done, an effectively slow-burn horror-drama directed by Zak Hilditch and like the way Carla Gugino turned GERALD'S GAME into her own showcase of versatile acting talent, this time almost an unrecognizable Thomas Jane delivered one of his best performances in career, IMO. His deeply sincere & committed performance as an early 1920s manipulative, desperate farmer with a slowly rotten psyche…was not only an absolute treat but surely this year's one the best so far that deserve some recognition in the coming award season.
A good novella
A whole movie about a man, who didn't listen to a woman, ending up dying horribly, destroying lives around him.

Casting is spot on. Actors looked organic together. Acting is on point. Thomas Jane, being the star of the movie, respectfully carried his character. However, half the time I couldn't comprehend his words, but I'd say it's more of a 'me' issue. Molly Parker had twice less screen time to show us her character, but still did her job just right. Dylan Schmid is a discovery for me. Playing a supporting role at such a young age can be quite demanding, he killed it nonetheless, no pun intended. All the other supporting actors did their job well. I loved the atmosphere of the sets, yet I wasn't completely convinced about the time setting, looked vague to me. The story could be predictable to the letter, but fortunately, it wasn't. I can't say, if it's thanks to either the original novel or the screenplay, since I've not read the book. Still, the plot gradually progressed, a little surprise here and there, it's well done. The story as a whole gave me Dostoyevsky vibe, which I highly appreciate. I really used to enjoy reading his novels. Also, I like, that the most dreadful part comes from the whole concept of this man single-handedly destroying so many peoples' lives fatally, rather than those 'spooky' corpses. Soundtrack was satisfying, really nice. On contrary to all these advantages, though, the 'rats everywhere' idea wasn't interesting, to my taste. Corpses looked kinda goofy: they gave me more of a smile, than an uneasiness. The thing with adaptations often is, that film makers try to give every detail possible from the original writing, than try and create a finished product, so their works may have a lot of plot holes. This movie isn't the case. I can definitely say, that during watching the movie I haven't had a thought about something being missing in the narration. In conclusion, I think the story may seem ordinary, yet is performed so qualitatively, that I really can't say anything bad about it.
I got bored
This one had so much potential but ultimately failed to deliver as an adequate piece of entertainment or enjoyment. It starts off excellently, the story is gripping the scenes and cinematography excellent, the cast is good and there is a great feel of authenticity about the period.

Initially the plot is a little far fetched and only by giving some considerable leeway is it acceptable. The story however, degenerates slowly and sadly after 20 mins it gathers momentum and continues in a downward slide till its conclusion.

I wasn't certain if this was a thriller a murder mystery or horror or something else. I think its a bit of all three but the blend is bad and the delivery is a little lacking. I'm not even sure where this one went wrong but my attention started to wane about 30 minutes in, and I was bored and restless 10 minutes later. I think one of the problems I had with it is that nothing much happens. Or at least in a way meaningful enough to keep me interested. By the time it had all panned out and I made my way out, all I could think of was 'meh' and wished I'd taken up the offer to play Nerf with my nephews instead.

I didn't like it, but I've given it 5 because I do think it deserves some credit for the good work done here. However, it still a boring piece and ultimately had little to offer as an enjoyable movie. Even though I completely appreciate there were great aspects to the production, the end product as an cinema experience was lacklustre and hollow.

I can't recommend it .
It was OK... Sort of... Not.
If you are going to make a slow paced film, make sure your director is flawless at this as well as the editor, I recently watched an incredible slow paced horror film, but when I compare it to this I just feel like there were lots of empty spaces, the editor chose to play it safe rather than tight, that is the difference between brilliant and not knowing how to. The movie sin is being boring, there is really no reason to be scared ever, it is a supernatural drama that is oddly edited. And everything good about it could of been told in 30 minutes. The cow scenes were lovely.
Harmless but forgettable
Let me start by saying I have not read the novella of '1922' by Stephen King. I am reviewing this purely as a film. How do I feel about it? I'm middle of the road. I neither loved it nor hated it. I found it a pleasant viewing experience (in terms of quality I am of course talking) yet I doubt that it will hold much memory space for me. It's also not a film I would recommend to people. There are better films out there that need to be seen before this. That's not a slight on the film, it's simply a fact.

It certainly feels like a King film. All the usual quirks are there. There have been an abundance of King based works being released lately and they all have that similar feel and atmosphere.

Thomas Jane in the lead role was impressive. I've never really thought of him as an actor with a lot of depth, but he certainly proved me wrong in '1922'. The rest of the cast were also up to a high standard.

There really isn't a lot to say about '1922'. I suspect it would have worked better as a book, with the insights of the characters minds likely being very interesting. Still, it works fine as a film and it certainly isn't harming any body.
Murder Is Hard Work........
And so, to some extent, is watching this movie. I usually appreciate any film without car chases, explosions, or bodily function gags. But between Thomas Janes oft cited weird mumbled accent, and the slow pace, I found myself tempted to take a snack break without even pausing the movie. I liked the overall story line, with all the real-life and psychological consequences of an act of selfish compulsion. Janes character Wilfred (Willard?) was an uncomfortable presence throughout, somewhere between decent man of the land, and menacing brooder. Maybe that was good acting, but it didn't feel like that. Molly Parker's performance, as also selfish wife Arlette, was much better (at least the alive part). The fact that the movie made me think enough to want to write a review just moved my rating from 6 to 7. Oh, and if you are fond of sweet, soft eyed cows - do not watch.
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